Comprehensive Email Security Strategy For Small And Medium Organizations

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    Small and midsize companies must protect against disruption with fewer resources.

    When you analyze the root causes of cyber security events, most originate from either web or email activity and are the result of some combination of malicious intent, human error, and technological failure.  Smaller entities need to address the same causes of disruption as much bigger ones, yet almost universally, organizations like yours have far fewer available resources to tackle the challenge.

    So how can you develop the cyber resilience you know you need with the resources available to you?

    For starters, any solution must fit in seamlessly with a cloud-based infrastructure such as Office 365 and be ready to expand with a growing organization. Your solution must be flexible, empowering you to be agile in your ability to defend or, if necessary, recover.  It must be able to quickly adapt to an everchanging threat landscape as well as regulatory and compliance changes.  And it must be cost effective, offering protection that keeps your productivity from missing a beat.  We can help with that.

    A Simple Work Surface To Manage A Sophisticated Security Solution

    Running IT at a small or medium size organization is especially challenging. You need a security solution that is simple but effective. Not one that requires constant attention and monitoring.

    Mimecast provides pervasive protection. At the perimeter, our email security solution includes a highly accurate email inspection funnel to block sophisticated attacks. Inside the perimeter our awareness training empowers end-users so you can reduce the strain on IT, while also offering threat remediation should a breach happen or careless insider pose a threat. As company reputation increasingly matters, protection of your domain and proactively hunting domains impersonating you is critically important. And, if something does happen, our business continuity solutions make sure you can keep your lights on and feel confident that your data is protected.

    <p>A Simple Work Surface To Manage A Sophisticated Security Solution</p>

    Easy to Buy and Implement

    Security best practices call for a layered defense at, inside, and beyond the perimeter. Mimecast offers you a single platform from which to deploy email and web security solutions, awareness training, brand protection, back-up and recovery, and email continuity.  And Mimecast product bundles make it easy to find the right solution for your organization – from core and advanced security all the way to full pervasive security and cyber resilience with archiving. As a 100% cloud solution, Mimecast covers you whether your mail environment is cloud, hybrid, or on-prem.

    <p>Easy to Buy and Implement</p>

    The Support You Need, When You Need It

    Mimecast Customer Success will be there from day one to get your organization up and running quickly. With a community more than 35,000 strong, a robust knowledge base and support plans tailored for your organization, Mimecast is committed to your continued success.

    <p>The Support You Need, When You Need It</p>

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    Pervasive Security, Data Protection, and Awareness Training

    Designed to work together seamlessly, complement each other and to help protect your organization with a layered defense, the Mimecast suite helps you minimize the disruption of cyber threats with a 100% cloud solution.  Whether you choose one, some, or all of the services in the Mimecast suite, we make it easy to do business with us.

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