Professional Services

Minimizing the cost and complexity of managing email and related services such as security and archiving is at the heart of everything Mimecast does. Our integrated cloud suite is designed for rapid deployment. And if you have a more complex email infrastructure, Mimecast Professional Services can reduce risk and ensure a smooth adoption.

Assisted Connect

Get planning and connecting support with Mimecast Assisted Connect. Especially useful if you have limited internal resources or technical experience, or are moving from another email management solution and want to safely and predictably transition your current policies.

Assisted Connect includes:

  • Dedicated Mimecast Technical Consultant and Project Manager - responsible for gathering customer information and documentation; and proactive progress monitoring
  • Mimecast Solution and Transition Planning - includes project initiation workshop; definition of stakeholders, roles and responsibilities; establishment of objectives; current email services review and migration plan development; and establishment of project milestones and deadlines
  • Mimecast Account Setup - baseline and best practices policies; transition of existing policies; and policy testing and verification

Intelligent Data Migration

Quickly, accurately and securely migrate your legacy archive data using the Mimecast Intelligent Data Migration Service. We'll carefully manage the transition of your corporate memory to ensure its integrity and ongoing value. Our certified professionals use a proven methodology to analyze data for extraction, safely extract it and ensure its accurate ingestion into the Mimecast Archive.

Intelligent Data Migration provides:

  • E-discovery capabilities to categorize data and only export what is needed
  • Chain of custody reports for compliance
  • Protection for messages under legal hold
  • Support for all major legacy email archiving platforms:
    • EMC SourceOne and EmailXtender
    • Symantec Enterprise Vault
    • HP Automony EAS
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • IBM Domino
    • Gwava Retain
    • MBOX file conversion
    • Dell Quest
    • Dell Message Archive
    • Mimosa
    • GFI
    • Barracuda

Legacy Archive Data Management

Rapidly ingest your historical archive content into the Mimecast Archive using Legacy Archive Data Management. Your data will be accessible to employees and discovery workers to support improved productivity and e-discovery, and to meet compliance needs.

Legacy Archive Data Management provides:

  • Highly secure and resilient data storage and management - 100% service availability SLA
  • Encryption of all stored data with three copies held in defined regions
  • Single consolidated view of all archived email
  • Retention management policies
  • Rapid employee search and content retrieval through a single, intuitive search interface

Bespoke Consulting Services

Need something a little more custom? We'll design a package that's just right for you. Whether it's help following a merger/acquisition, or assistance with e-discovery or data exports, our skilled team has the flexibility and experience to deliver the services you need.