Product Upgrades

Understand How the Step-by-Step Upgrade Path Could Work for You

Have you already successfully deployed one Mimecast product and you want to understand the added features available by upgrading?

Upgrading Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Upgrading from Mimecast Secure Email Gateway builds on anti-spam and anti-virus protection by adding enhanced security features such as Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Email Encryption, as well as offering Email Stationery tools.

  • Data leak prevention: Real-time detection of inbound and outbound sensitive email content
  • Email encryption: Policy-enforced TLS encryption and secure communication with Closed Circuit Messaging (TM)
  • Email stationery and marketing tools: Flexible corporate branding and imagery management for your email

Available service add-ons:

  • Large file send for Outlook for Windows
  • Auto responders

Upgrading to Mimecast Unified Email Management Express

For existing Mimecast Email Security customers, upgrading to Mimecast Unified Email Management Express adds Mimecast Email Continuity, offering an uninterrupted email service and further consolidating your email management solutions.

  • Mimecast Email Continuity: 58 days email retention for uninterrupted email access via Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Mimecast Personal Portal and BlackBerry smartphones
  • Fully-integrated security and continuity: No compromise in your security policy control or management with Mimecast Unified Email Management Express

Available service add-ons

  • Large file send for Outlook for Windows
  • Auto responders

Mimecast Unified Email Management Express to Mimecast Unified Email Management Enterprise

As a Mimecast Unified Email Management Express customer, upgrading to Mimecast Unified Email Management Enterprise adds Mimecast Email Archive, a secure, scalable cloud archive, delivering a fully Unified Email Management solution for email security, business continuity and email archiving.

  • Fully unified email management: Unified email security, continuity and archiving, all managed from a single cloud platform
  • Scalable and secure cloud archive: A highly secure, available and safe cloud-based email archive, perpetually storing all your internal and external email
  • Regulatory and legal compliance: Powerful e-discovery and litigation hold tools to help you meet your legal and regulatory compliance needs

Available service add-ons:

  • Archive power tools
  • Mimecast File Archive
  • Mimecast Lync Archive
  • Mimecast Large File Send
  • Auto responders