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    Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Weekly Briefing

    We mobilized our cybersecurity experts for a weekly webcast that will provide insights into the global cyber threat landscape and COVID-19 based cyber-attacks. We will help to provide real-time advice on what you can do to be more cyber resilient while working remote during the coronavirus health crisis.

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    Security Awareness Resources for Your Remote Workforce

    The spread of Coronavirus is changing the way we live and work. And sadly, cyber attackers are leveraging your employees’ insecurities for their own gain. We gathered Mimecast Awareness Training resources to help your end users engage with good cyber habits while working from home.

    Keeping Your Organization Secure During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    As Coronavirus continues its spread across the globe, the world has changed faster than most of us ever imagined it could. Organizations big and small are facing new realities, as they work to keep employees safe and serve customers and partners to the best of their abilities. Read this guide for actionable advice on how to secure your organization during the pandemic.

    <p>Keeping Your Organization Secure During the Coronavirus Pandemic</p>