What is Web Security?

    Understand what is web security and why organizations struggle to protect against the latest web-based threats.

    Web Security

    As attacks which leverage the web continue to become more sophisticated and to grow in frequency, organizations require state-of-the-art web security solutions that can defend against a wide range of threats. But what is web security, exactly, and how can organizations best protect themselves, their users and their data assets from security breaches?

    This brief introduction, "What is web security?", provides answers to this question and others.

    What is web security?

    Web security refers to an organization's strategy, technologies and security protocols for defending against threats that are directed at or launched through the use of web technologies and protocols. Organizations may employ security technology, best practices and other protective measures to thwart attacks and to remediate vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches.

    What is web security's greatest challenge?

    The greatest challenge organizations experience when protecting their organizations is the sheer volume and variety of attacks. Web security threats are constantly evolving, and many legacy solutions and traditional approaches to web security have a hard time keeping pace. Many organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions powered by up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to successfully defend against emerging threats.

    What is the relationship between web security and email security?

    Attackers frequently use both email and the web to successfully breach security defenses. In fact, email and the web are attack delivery and management systems used in 99% of successful malware attacks. Because attackers effectively use these two vectors in combination, it makes sense for organizations to approach web and email security with an integrated solution that can simplify protection of both of these business-critical information systems.

    What is a web security gateway?

    A web security gateway, or secure web gateway, is a hardware/software solution that filters unwanted software and malware from an organization's web traffic and enforces an organization's security policy on the use of web resources. Features of a web security gateway will typically include URL filtering, data leak prevention, malicious code detection and filtering, and application controls for common web-based applications.

    What is Mimecast Web Security?

    Mimecast Web Security is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for protecting against malicious web activity initiated by user action or malware. This Mimecast solution provides best-in-class web security at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Mimecast Web Security blocks users access to malicious or inappropriate websites based on a combination of Mimecast's advanced threat intelligence and security analytics and an organization's policies for acceptable web use.

    How does Mimecast Web Security work?

    Mimecast Web Security serves as a web security gateway, inspecting web requests and filtering these URLs using Mimecast's threat intelligence and security analytics and through an organization's acceptable use controls, security policies, and bypass exceptions to determine whether a website is safe and appropriate. Mimecast blocks access to unsafe or inappropriate sites and provides users with an explanation via a block page. Users are allowed to visit safe sites immediately, without any delay in response time.

    What is Mimecast Web Security's biggest benefits?

    With Mimecast Web Security solutions, organizations can:

    • Block access to sites that contain malware, phishing and other threats.
    • Prevent users from visiting certain categories of websites that are inappropriate for business use.
    • Help to ensure that files downloaded from the web are free of threats and malware.
    • Block compromised devices from communicating with attackers using the web.
    • Protect data from exfiltration attacks.
    • Improve understanding of employee use of the web.
    • Simplify administration by managing web security from a single, cloud-based console and by consistently applying security policies throughout the organization.
    • Combine email and web security in a single, easy-to-use solution.
    • Deploy a web security solution quickly – in less than 60 minutes – and at a cost that is a fraction of alternative solutions.
    Web Security

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