Spear phishing protection

Protect your users with superior spear phishing protection.

Protect your users with superior spear phishing protection.

As more and more organizations are experiencing advanced targeted attacks, companies everywhere are seeking the most effective forms of spear phishing protection.

Spear phishing attacks trick users into revealing confidential information by sending an email that appears to come from a trusted source – a colleague, a supervisor or the finance or HR department. Hackers may include information in the subject line or content that shows knowledge of a user's company or industry. On highly targeted attacks, hackers may even use information gleaned from social media accounts to gain the user's trust before asking for sensitive data, credentials or financial transfers, as is the case in a wire transfer phishingattack.

1To improve spear phishing protection, many organizations have attempted to educate users about the dangers of these emails, but nearly one-quarter of all phishing-based messages are still opened. And with more than 90% of all hacking attacks today starting with a phishing or spear phishing email, it's clear that companies require superior spear phishing protection to safeguard users, revenue and reputation.

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Spear phishing protection from Mimecast.

Mimecast provides highly effective spear phishing protection in its Targeted Threat Protection service. Part of Mimecast's all-in-one solution for email security, continuity and archiving, Targeted Threat Protection extends traditional gateway security to protect users from malicious links and email, weaponized attachments and attacks that use impersonation and social engineering techniques.

Mimecast's phishing protection software uses real-time scanning of inbound email to identify and neutralize potential threats, minimizing the impact of human error. Spear phishing protection from Mimecast provides protection across all devices, whether an employee is accessing a link or attachment from a desktop, mobile or personal device.

How Mimecast's spear phishing protection works.

Mimecast's email phishing protection includes defense against the most common phishing techniques.

URL Protect prevents users from opening malicious links in email by blocking access to the destination website until Mimecast's threat intelligence infrastructure determines the link is safe.

Impersonation Protect scans all inbound email for signs of social engineering or impersonation, rejecting or quarantining suspicious emails or sending them on to users with a warning.

Attachment Protect provides spear phishing protection from weaponized attachments, preemptively sandboxing them or rewriting them to a safe format.

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