Secure encrypted email

Protect valuable data with secure encrypted email.

Protect valuable data with secure encrypted email.

When sharing sensitive data via email with colleagues and partners, using a secure encrypted email technology is critical to preventing inadvertent or malicious data leaks. By encrypting email, organizations can more easily avoid the significant costs and loss of business that result when customer data, financial information or intellectual property falls into the wrong hands.

Traditionally, technology for sending secure encrypted email has created administrative burden, required additional hardware or mandated that recipients download software in order to receive a protected message. Consequently, adoption of encrypted email services has not always been as high as organizations would hope — information is often not sent via secure encrypted email, placing sensitive information and the organization at risk.

Secure encrypted email services from Mimecast.

Mimecast solves the challenge of sending secure encrypted email with an email encryption service that is both easy to implement and to use. Secure Messaging, part of Mimecast's all-in-one subscription service for email management, provides a user-friendly, cloud-based secure channel for sending and receiving secure email.

To send a secure encrypted email, users need only click a Send Secure option in their mailbox application before sending a new email. Once the message is sent, the email and attachments are securely uploaded to the Mimecast cloud where they are checked against data leak prevention policies and scanned for malware and viruses. Messages are then stored in a secure AES encrypted archive. Recipients receive a notice with instructions for logging into Mimecast's secure email web portal, where they can view the message and download attachments, and securely reply to messages or initiate new secure encrypted email.

Benefits of Mimecast's secure encrypted email solution.

Mimecast's email solution enables you to:

  • Protect sensitive information more effectively. Because messages never leave the secure Mimecast cloud, Mimecast provides greater security than other forms of encryption for email.
  • Set granular message controls. Users may require read receipts, set expiration dates, and set restrictions on forwarding, replying, replying all and printing.
  • Reduce costs. Mimecast's solution requires no new hardware or software in order to send secure encrypted email, helping to reduce email security expenses.
  • Support governance and compliance objectives. Messages and attachments are subjected to anti-virus, data leak prevention and compliance policies to help meet the requirements of various regulatory frameworks.

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