Postini alternatives

Seeking Postini alternatives?

Seeking Postini alternatives?

As Google's Postini email security service is no longer available, many business users and IT teams must consider which Postini alternatives to implement. Whether choosing Microsoft exchange, Google Apps or a hybrid migration to Office 365, Mimecast's cloud-based email management service can help to manage Postini alternatives more successfully while improving email security, ensuring email continuity and simplifying email archiving and corporate data protection.

A superior Postini alternative solution from Mimecast.aPostini alternatives from Mimecast.

Mimecast's all-in-one service reduces the risk, cost and complexity of managing business email systems. Mimecast surpasses other Postini alternatives by combining in a single service all the tools necessary to protect and manage business email. With Mimecast, IT administrators no longer need to implement a collection of point solutions in order to achieve maximum security. Mimecast provides tools to defend against malware, spam, advanced threats, data leaks and more.

Benefits of Mimecast's Postini alternatives.

As one of the industry's leading Postini alternatives, Mimecast provides:

  • Email security solutions. Comprehensive email security services offer a higher level of protection than other Postini alternatives. Mimecast defends against malware and spam as well as more advanced threats like phishing, spear-phishing and business email compromise. Mimecast's DLP solutions help to prevent malicious and inadvertent data leaks. Mimecast also provides solutions for securely sending email messages, attachments and large files (up to 2 GB) through secure channels.
  • Email archiving solutions. Enterprise Information Archiving delivers a highly resilient and scalable cloud archive for storing email, files and Lync IM conversations in a single data repository. Mimecast leads other Postini alternatives by providing blisteringly fast search speeds that are backed by a 7-second search SLA. Mimecast also provides automated mailbox management and email retention tools, allowing administrators to manage archives more easily and respond to e-discovery, compliance and litigation requests more quickly.
  • Email continuity solutions. Mailbox Continuity ensures 100% email uptime by enabling users to continuously access live and historic email, even during planned and unplanned outages. With Mimecast, users can access email from anywhere, on any device, using a variety of desktop and mobile apps.

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