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    Mimecast's SaaS service enables organizations to easily achieve Office 365 security compliance for numerous industry regulations. Discover how.

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    How to strengthen Office 365 security compliance for email

    IT teams in many organizations today are looking to strengthen Office 365 security compliance capabilities to meet evolving and expanding regulatory requirements.

    As email continues to play a vital role in business communications and operations, regulations in a broad range of industries are aimed at ensuring email security to protect businesses as well as their employees, partners and customers. In addition to security-related requirements, organizations must also comply with regulations concerning email retention and the ability to produce evidentiary-quality records in to response to legal hold requests.

    While Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful productivity suite, Office 365 security compliance tools may not provide the multilayered defense that most organizations want to adopt to fend off a growing universe of threats. That's why, when seeking to augment Office 365 security compliance capabilities, more organizations worldwide today turn to Mimecast.

    How to strengthen Office 365 security compliance for email

    Mimecast solutions for Office 365 security compliance

    Mimecast's all-in-one solution for email security, archiving and continuity helps to ensure cyber resilience for email and enable organizations to more easily achieve Office 365 security compliance with regulations in a variety of industries. As a cloud-based solution, Mimecast can be implemented without capital expense for hardware or software, and Mimecast's easy-to-use technology helps administrators to significantly reduce the complexity of protecting and managing business email.

    To support Office 365 security compliance, Mimecast offers SaaS-based services that include:

    • Protection against targeted threats. Mimecast can block malicious URLs in email as well as malicious attachments, preventing users from inadvertently clicking on links or opening documents that may launch an attack. Mimecast also scans all email for signs of impersonation fraud and internal attacks, and helps protect against advanced threats like ransomware, whaling and business email compromise.
    • Information protection. Mimecast Secure Messaging provides an easy way for users to send encrypted messages, and Mimecast Large File Send allows users to send files up to 2 GB from their inbox without worrying about mailbox size limitations. Mimecast also provides Content Control & DLP services that help to stop malicious and inadvertent leaks that can expose sensitive information.
    Mimecast solutions for Office 365 security compliance

    Additional tools for Office 365 security compliance

    In addition to defenses against known and emerging threats, Mimecast provides a Mailbox Continuity solution that ensures users have access to live and historic email, even when primary servers are down due to planned or unplanned outages.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive enables organizations to more easily comply with regulations for email retention and to achieve HIPAA, FINRA and SEC 17a 4 compliance. Administrators can centrally set, manage and enforce email retention policies to simplify litigation hold for Office 365, while lightning fast search tools help to accelerate Office 365 eDiscovery. And because Mimecast keeps three encrypted and tamper-proof copies of every email along with metadata, organizations can easily respond to compliance inquiries and Office 365 legal hold requests.

    Learn more about Mimecast tools for Office 365 security compliance, and about Mimecast healthcare compliance solutions.

    Additional tools for Office 365 security compliance

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