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As you prepare to migrate to Office 365 from Exchange  or other email platforms, choosing the right Office 365 migration tools can have a dramatic impact on the speed and success of your efforts.

Your Office 365 migration tools must solve several key challenges. Ensuring the integrity of your email is a top priority, as data can be easily lost or corrupted as mailboxes and archives are migrated to the new platform. Security is also an important consideration as critical layers of protection against advanced threats may be unavailable or dropped during the transition. And because migration requires mail systems to go offline at times, your Office 365 migration tools must be able to speed the transition and offer ways to minimize downtime and disruption to user productivity.

Mimecast eases an Office 365 migration with tools for email security, continuity and protection against loss or corruption when moving to Office 365, G Suite or a transition to other email platforms.

Make an Office 365 migration easier with Mimecast.

Mimecast provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution for managing and protecting email more effectively. As a fully-integrated subscription service, Mimecast minimizes the risk, complexity and cost1 of managing your email system.

Mimecast's Office 365 migration tools include:

  • Email archiving services that offer a secure and perpetual cloud archive that users can access from any device, anywhere. By backing up email to the cloud prior to migrating to Office 365, you can easily protect against data loss, corruption and malicious activity. Mimecast's Office 365 archiving capabilities include rapid search and access to all archived email, and comprehensive support for e-discovery, compliance and litigation needs.
  • Email security services that use sophisticated, multilayered detection engines and continually-updated threat intelligence to protect your email system and employees from malware, spam, viruses and advanced threats.
  • Email continuity services that automatically reroute email to employees during service outages, planned downtime and migration to Office 365. Mimecast offers uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments from everyday applications and devices.

Benefits Of a Mimecast Assisted Office 365 Migration.

With Office 365 migration tools from Mimecast, you can:

  • Protect against data loss and corruption with Office 365 email archiving capabilities.
  • Continue to apply security and archiving policies consistently across legacy and destination environments.
  • Significantly reduce the time and data volume required to migrate to Office 365.

Learn more about Office 365 migration tools, and about how Mimecast can help migrate from Office 365 to Exchange.