HIPAA Messaging Compliance

    Ensure HIPAA messaging compliance and protect PHI of your patients with Mimecast email security solution.

    Ensure HIPAA messaging compliance with Mimecast

    HIPAA messaging compliance is a significant challenge for healthcare organizations. Many medical professionals rely on email as their primary form of communication, and their messages often include protected health information (PHI) of patients. While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that organizations take great pains to protect PHI in email, the vast amount of email sent and received every day makes careless mistakes inevitable and the value of PHI to cyber criminals increases the likelihood of cyberattacks.

    To protect PHI and ensure email HIPAA compliance, organizations need solutions that can ensure the security of email in transit and at rest, to maintain audit controls for access and usage, and to defend the organization and email data against a wide variety of advanced threats. For organizations seeking easy-to-use technology that won't overburden IT teams with additional work, Mimecast provides industry-leading solutions for email archiving and security.

    Ensure HIPAA messaging compliance with Mimecast

    Mimecast archive solutions for HIPAA messaging compliance

    Mimecast offers cloud-based solutions that make it easy to achieve HIPAA messaging compliance. As an all-in-one, SaaS-based service, Mimecast solutions can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, with no hardware or software to acquire or install.

    Solutions for HIPAA messaging compliance include the Mimecast Cloud Archive, a secure repository where email, files and other content can be aggregated to provide a single repository of data that makes managing email compliance easier and more cost-effective. Cloud Archive provides:

    • Secure and tamper-resistant retention of email, files and other data.
    • Granular retention management that enables administrators to easily set, maintain and enforce retention policies globally.
    • Comprehensive support for compliance, e-discovery and litigation activities.
    • Self-service options for legal and compliance teams that help to minimize assistance needed from IT.
    • Fast and effective case review with automated culling to significantly reduce third-party costs.
    • SEC 17a-4 validated immutability and details activity logging.

    In addition to HIPAA messaging compliance, Mimecast can help organizations meet requirements for FIPS compliance, GDPR compliance, MiFID compliance, and compliance with other regulatory frameworks.

    Mimecast archive solutions for HIPAA messaging compliance

    Additional HIPAA messaging compliance solutions

    Mimecast email security solutions also help to achieve HIPAA messaging compliance by defending against a wide variety of threats and risks. Mimecast solutions include:

    • Targeted Threat Protection against advanced email-borne threats such as impersonation attacks, malware, malicious URLs and internally generated threats.
    • Information Protection, including solutions for data leak prevention and content control.
    • Secure Messaging, a solution that makes it easy to send encrypted emails without requiring knowledge of complex encryption technology.
    • Large File Send, a tool for securely sending and receiving files that typically exceed the limitations of email inboxes.
    • Web Security, a technology that prevents users from landing on websites that may be malicious or inappropriate for business.
    • Mimecast Awareness Training, a cyber security awareness training program for providing employees with best practices around security and HIPAA messaging compliance.
    Additional HIPAA messaging compliance solutions

    FAQs: what is HIPAA messaging compliance?

    What is HIPAA messaging compliance?

    HIPAA messaging compliance requires healthcare-related organizations to take steps to protect the security and privacy of email, text messages and other forms of communication that may contain personal information about patients.

    What steps are involved in HIPAA messaging compliance?

    To ensure HIPAA email compliance, organizations must:

    • Limit access to PHI.
    • Monitor communications containing PHI.
    • Protect the integrity of PHI at rest and prevent unauthorized access of PHI during transit.
    • Ensure 100% message accountability.

    To achieve these objectives, organizations must typically implement access, audit and integrity controls along with ID authentication and transmission security solutions.

    Does texting violate HIPAA?

    Text messages, along with email and other forms of electronic communication, must conform with HIPAA requirements for secure messaging, which typically means that texting and other instant messaging applications must incorporate encryption and enable message privacy.

    FAQs: what is HIPAA messaging compliance?

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