Enterprise Email Management

Simplify enterprise email management with Mimecast.

Simplify enterprise email management with Mimecast.

Enterprise email management can be incredibly costly and complex. To keep email flowing smoothly through your organization, you need email management solutions for security, continuity, archiving and more. But purchasing, deploying and maintaining all these disparate services from multiple vendors can quickly drain IT resources.

That’s where Mimecast can help. Offering a cloud-based subscription service, Mimecast reduces the cost and complexity of enterprise email management while providing greater security, faster search tools and continuous access to email – even during disasters.

Comprehensive tools for enterprise email management

Mimecast’s security, continuity and archiving services making enterprise email management simpler and more effective. Our best-of-breed solutions provide end-to-end control of email while offloading infrastructure to the cloud and giving end users the uninterrupted access to email they need to be productive.

Our enterprise email management services include:

  • Security services. Mimecast Email Security protects email and your organization from advanced threats like email phishing and zero-day attacks, as well as spam, malware, viruses and data leaks. Combining sophisticated detection engines and the latest threat intelligence, Mimecast stops known and advanced threats before they reach your network. Mimecast anti-virus technology offers a 100% protection SLA from viruses while Mimecast’s email spam filters provide a 99% spam protection SLA.
  • Continuity solutions. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity enables email flow even when servers are down. During a planned or unplanned outage, Mimecast initiates an immediate failover to provide uninterrupted access to email – employees may continue working, unaware that an outage has occurred. Once servers are back online, Mimecast’s enterprise email management solution automatically synchronizes mailboxes to minimize confusion without straining IT.
  • Archiving capabilities. Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a central archive for email. Mimecast keeps copies of all outbound, inbound and internal email, retaining encrypted copies in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers. Employees can use rapid search tools to retrieve any email within seconds, while administrators can sets organization-wide retention policies from a single administrative console. Mimecast’s solution also allows file archiving and archiving of Lync IM conversations.

The benefits of Mimecast’s enterprise email management solutions.

With enterprise email management services from Mimecast, you can:

  • Lower costs by eliminating the need to purchase, deploy and manage on-premises hardware and software.
  • Simplify management with cloud-based services that lets administrators set policies and enforce controls from a single screen.
  • Delight users with a bottomless mailbox, fast search and retrieval, uninterrupted access to email during outages and the ability to send large file attachments from within their desktop email application.

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