Encrypted email services

Improve security with encrypted email services.

Improve security with encrypted email services.

Encrypted email services must be a high priority for organizations that routinely use email to share sensitive data with employees and partners.

Emailing information like financial records, customer data and new product ideas can be risky unless encrypted email services are employed. Unprotected messages can easily be subject to inadvertent or malicious data leaks that result in fines, legal action, damage to reputation and loss of business.

Traditional encrypted email services have been difficult to deploy, adding additional administrative burden to IT teams already facing constrained budgets. Some encryption for email solutions even require end users to download software in order to receive encrypted messages.

Mimecast provides a solution for sending encrypted email that is both easy for employees and recipients to use and for administrators to deploy and manage, helping to improve adoption and protect sensitive data more effectively.

Encrypted email services from Mimecast.

Mimecast Secure Messaging, part of Mimecast's email security offering, provides encrypted email services that allow users to send protected messages quickly and easily. To initiate a secure encrypted email, a user creates a new message in Outlook as usual and attaches any desired files. To initiate Mimecast's email encryption service, the user simply needs to click a Send Secure option before sending the message.

Once the user presses Send, Mimecast uploads the email and files to the secure Mimecast cloud. At this point the message and attachments are scanned for malware and checked against content control policies to help prevent data leaks and improve compliance with a variety of regulatory frameworks. The email is then stored in a secure AES encrypted archive. The recipient is notified and given instructions for logging onto Mimecast's secure web portal, where they can read the email, download attachments and reply to the message.

Mimecast's encrypted email services can also be triggered whenever an email meets certain criteria set by administrators. For example, an email sent to a specific person or domain or a message containing specific keywords or content may be automatically sent through secure channels.

Benefits of Mimecast's encrypted email services.

With Mimecast's encrypted email services, you can:

  • Prevent data leaks with an easy-to-implement and simple-to-use solution.
  • Use granular message controls to require read receipts, enforce expiration dates and prevent recipients from replying, replying all, forwarding or printing messages.
  • Enhance Office 365 encryption with a solution that requires no recipient software and no knowledge of certificate or encryption key management.

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