Encrypted Email Service

Users need a simpler encrypted email service.

Users need a simpler encrypted email service.

With so much sensitive information being sent by email today, organizations need an encrypted email service in order to ensure confidentiality and comply with regulations.

But too often, encrypted messaging is unnecessarily difficult for users and overly burdensome for administrators. A traditional encrypted email service may require employees to have access to encryption keys, understand encryption methods or be certain that the recipient also has the same data encryption software.

Mimecast Secure Messaging is an encrypted email service that lets users send secure email quickly and easily without having to worry about encryption keys or encryption technology.

An encrypted email service from Mimecast.

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides a simple and intuitive encrypted email service for sending and receiving secure messages.

To send an email, the user composes a new email in Outlook or Mimecast for Mac, or within the Secure Messaging web portal. Before pressing Send, the user selects the Send Secure option and may apply additional controls to require read receipts, set expiration dates, or prevent the recipient from replying to or printing the message.

After the email has been sent, the message and any attachments is sent to the secure Mimecast cloud. After scanning for malware and subjecting messages to content control and data leak prevention policies, messages are stored in an AES encrypted archive.

Mimecast then notifies the email recipient and provides instructions for how to log onto the Secure Messaging portal to access the message. Mimecast also enables administrators to set policies that automatically require messages to be sent through the encrypted email service when, for example, a message is sent to a particular domain or recipient, or when certain keywords appear in the subject line or body of the message.

Benefits of Mimecast’s encrypted email service.

Mimecast’s encrypted email service offer significant benefits for sending secure emails:

  • Greater security. Messages sent automatically subjected to scans for malware, content control and data leak prevention.
  • Granular message controls. Sender or policy-driven options include the ability to rapidly revoke message access, enforce message expiration dates, require read receipts, or prevent Reply, Reply All and printing.
  • Simplicity. Mimecast’s encrypted email service requires no certificate or encryption key management, and does not require the recipient to download software.
  • Customizable branding. The secure web portal can be tailored to meet corporate branding guidelines and provides a consistent experience on any recipient device.

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