Email Phishing

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Your email security system faces serious threats from email phishing and spear-phishing scams aiming to steal your sensitive corporate data. Email phishing scams attempt to get usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information from your employees, while email spear-phishing attacks seek private credentials by sending email appearing to be from a known individual or business.

More than 90% of hacking attacks begin with email phishing or spear-phishing . The damage in loss of productivity, business and reputation can cost millions. While email phishing is responsible for some of the most high-profile security breaches in the headlines in recent years, employees everywhere continue to fall victim.

Mimecast offers a solution – Targeted Threat Protection that stops these threats by making the prevention of human error a top priority.

An all-in-one solution for email phishing and other threats.

Mimecast provides security, archiving and continuity services in a cloud-based solution that simplifies all aspects of email management.

Mimecast’s security services use sophisticated intelligence and multi-layer detection engines to protect email and employees from a wide variety of threats, including email phishing, zero-day attacks, malware and spam.

To combat email phishing, Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection prevents employees from clicking malicious links in email and opening weaponized attachments by scanning and blocking suspect websites and sandboxing suspect attachments in real time.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection provides:

  • Advanced protection against email phishing and spear-phishing.
  • Real-time scanning of all URLs within incoming and archived emails on every click to prevent both immediate and delayed attacks.
  • Dynamic user awareness that reinforces security policies and draws attention to high risk situations.
  • Centralized policy control with easy-to-use administrative dashboards allowing security specialists to easily monitor and report on attempted email phishing attacks.

Defense against email phishing and more.

Mimecast security services also provide email protection against spam, malware and viruses, with a 100% anti-malware protection and 99% anti-spam protection SLA. Mimecast Secure Email Messaging allows employees to share sensitive data more easily, even when TLS encryption isn’t available. Mimecast Data Leak Prevention stops the inadvertent or malicious loss of sensitive information, and Mimecast Large File Send stops users from circumventing mailbox size restrictions with capabilities for sending files up to 2 GB directly through Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

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