Email encryption service

Safeguard sensitive data with an email encryption service.

Safeguard sensitive data with an email encryption service.

With so much of an organization's valuable content existing in digital form, users frequently use email to share valuable intellectual property with colleagues. An email encryption service can help protect sensitive information from being accidentally or purposefully leaked via email. Encrypting email can help to protect this information while in transit, but too many email encryption service options are needlessly complex and have burdensome requirements for downloading software or installing additional hardware.

Mimecast provides an alternative with Secure Messaging. This cloud-based email encryption service provides a user-friendly solution for sending encrypted email that can be immediately implemented – without new software or hardware requirements.

An email encryption service from Mimecast.

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides an email encryption service that protects data sent in email more effectively by never allowing it to leave the secure Mimecast cloud.

To use Mimecast's email encryption service, users simply need to create a new email and choose a Send Secure option before clicking Send. Users also have the option of choosing granular message controls to require receipts, revoke message access, enforce expiration dates, and prevent the recipient from replying, replying all or printing a protected message.

Once the email is sent, the message is uploaded to the secure Mimecast cloud. Each email and attachment is scanned for malware and checked against content control policies, and then stored in Mimecast's secure AES encrypted archive.

Message recipients are then notified that a secure message has been sent to them, and are given instructions for logging into the secure Mimecast email web portal to retrieve their message and any attachments. Recipients may also use the portal to reply to messages or to initiate new messages using encryption for email.

Mimecast's policy-initiated email encryption service.

Mimecast email encryption service can also be invoked when messages meet certain criteria defined by administrators. For example, messages may be automatically sent as a secure encrypted email whenever the message is directed to a particular domain or recipient, when certain keywords exist in the subject line or body copy, or as a fallback option to enforced Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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