Email Continuity Service

Ensure access with a cloud-based email continuity service.

Ensure access with a cloud-based email continuity service.

An email continuity service is an essential part of your business IT infrastructure today. When email is unavailable due to a cloud provider outage, hardware failure, disaster or planned downtime, employee productivity suffers, communication is lost and profitability takes a hit. Traditional email continuity solutions require deploying complex and costly redundant systems, but a cloud-based email continuity service from Mimecast offers a far simpler alternative.

Mimecast Mailbox Continuity is a cloud-based email continuity service enabling email to continue flowing even during disasters and scheduled maintenance. Employees can continue to send and receive email, completely unaware that a failover event has taken place. With Mimecast email continuity service, you can ensure complete email availability with zero downtime – at a fraction of the expense of traditional on-premises solutions.

Mimecast's email continuity service.

Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides a 100% service availability SLA to eliminate downtime. With data centers around the globe and redundant systems and replication, Mimecast scales to ensure continuous access to email during planned and unplanned outages.

Highlights of Mimecast email continuity service include:

  • Instant failover and failback to reduce RPO and RTO for email to nearly zero.
  • Immediate switch-over when an event occurs to keep end users happy and productive.
  • Automatic synchronization of mailboxes after an outage to reduce confusion without burdening IT.
  • Continuity for up to seven days per outage.
  • Access to email through Outlook for Windows, a native app for Mac users and a full suite of mobile apps, enabling employees to send and receive email as if the primary email system was operating as usual.
  • No hardware or software to purchase or install, reducing costs and lowering overhead.
  • Management of continuity events from the Mimecast Administration Console for complete control of failover events and outages.

Benefits of Mimecast's email continuity service.

With an email continuity service from Mimecast, you can:

  • Provide employees with continuous access to email no matter what happens.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of managing email backup, archiving and continuity.
  • Simplify management with an email continuity service that lets administrators manage downtime response from a single console, activating continuity for all employees or the impacted group.
  • Minimize the burden on IT with automated failover, immediate failback, automated mailbox syncing and streamlined administration.

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