Email Archiving Software

Mimecast eliminates the need for email archiving software.

Mimecast eliminates the need for email archiving software.

Email administrators have long relied on email archiving software and on-premises hardware to manage email retention. But as the volume of enterprise email expands exponentially and shows no signs of slowing, email archiving software and hardware solutions are become more problematic. Server room sprawl is costly, and managing legacy clients, servers, systems and aging email archiving software is consuming more time than most IT departments can afford.

Mimecast's cloud-based email archiving solutions lets you eliminate email archiving software, as well as the need for on-premises servers. Built on the secure and scalable Mimecast Platform, Mimecast's Cloud Archive for Email avoids the cost and complexity of maintaining email archiving software while giving users a bottomless mailbox and administrators superior email archive management capabilities.


A cloud-based alternative to email archiving software.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email is a highly-scalable, multipurpose cloud email archive offering a simpler and less-expensive alternative to email archiving software. This email archiver provides secure and resilient email storage – all data is encrypted and stored in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers with triplicate copies for built-in redundancy.

As a cloud email archiving solution, Mimecast reduces your IT overhead by ensuring a lighter load on servers and fewer technical support requests for archive searches, lost emails and mailbox performance issues. And with granular litigation hold, e-discovery and reporting capabilities, Mimecast enables your email administrators to meet legal and compliance requirements more easily.

Benefits of Mimecast over email archiving software.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email offers significant benefits over email archiving software:

  • Faster and easier access to email. Mimecast provides your users with a bottomless mailbox that  streamlines collaboration and eliminates worries about mailbox size restrictions. Users never have to think twice about which emails to keep and which to delete. Easy-to-use search tools with a 7-second search SLA enable users to quickly find any email they've ever sent or received, and they can access their personal email archive from virtually any device.
  • Simpler management. With centralized, granular control from a single, web-based interface, your administrators can easily set retention policies, manage users, perform searches and create reports.
  • Reduced cost and complexity. By eliminating the need for email archiving software and hardware, Mimecast helps you reduce administrative overhead, simplify the network and alleviate pressure on overcrowded server rooms.

Learn more about Mimecast's alternative to email archiving software, and about Mimecast email security and email continuity solutions as well.