Data Loss Protection

    Mimecast's data loss protection technology enables organizations to monitor, detect and remediate email-borne threats. Secure your data with Mimecast.

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    Prevent leaks with Mimecast data loss protection solutions.

    Data loss protection solutions are essential to stopping email data leaks that can cause serious damage to an organization, its employees, clients and customers.

    Organizations seeking email data protection often take great pains to adopt threat response solutions that prevent or mitigate malicious email-borne attacks. A strong cyber security defence is often targeted at stopping viruses, malware, spearfishing, impersonation attacks, ransomware and other advanced threats. Overlooked in these efforts is the damage that can be caused by someone inside the organization – and that threat is very real. According to a 2017 Forrester report, insider threats were responsible for more than half of reported data breaches.

    Data loss protection solutions can help by automatically preventing email leaks. Data loss protection services can also help to identify potential threats, using email scanning to spot malicious activity. But adding a standalone data loss protection solution to a mix of disjointed email security technology only adds to the cost and complexity of managing business email. That's why so many organizations turn to Mimecast instead.

    <p>Prevent leaks with Mimecast data loss protection solutions.</p>

    Data loss protection as a cloud-based service.

    Mimecast offers data loss protection services as part of a cloud-based, subscription service for managing business email. Mimecast's all-in-one solution combines data loss protection and email security services with email archiving, mailbox continuity, e-Discovery and compliance, and backup and recovery services to deliver a comprehensive solution for protecting business email.

    Mimecast's data loss protection technology – Internal Email Protect – is a threat monitoring and remediation service that enables organizations to monitor, detect and remediate email-borne threats originating from inside the organization. Mimecast scans all internal and outbound email for potentially malicious attachments and URLs as well as content that may suggest malicious activity.

    Mimecast data loss protection can help to protect against:

    • The malicious insider intent on stealing sensitive information, leaking data, damaging the organization, or compromising confidential systems.
    • The careless insider, including employees who don't understand or follow security policies and rules and may inadvertently expose sensitive information through email.
    • The compromised insider, an unsuspecting user who has been the victim of ransomware, key loggers or remote-access Trojans and who is unwittingly spreading or enabling the threat within the organization.
    <p>Data loss protection as a cloud-based service.</p>

    Benefits of data loss protection with Mimecast.

    With data loss protection technology from Mimecast, organizations can:

    • Enjoy comprehensive protection from targeted threats.
    • Inspect all email entering, leaving or being exchanged within the organization.
    • Simplify email management with a 100% cloud-based solution that can be managed from a single administrative console.
    • Identify and block sensitive data leaving the organization that could result in damage to reputation.
    • Minimize the risk of a successful attack spreading throughout the organization.

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    <p>Benefits of data loss protection with Mimecast.</p>

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