Cyber security software

Cloud-based cyber security software from Mimecast

Improve cyber resilience with superior cyber security software.

Confronted by increasingly devastating cyber threats, many organizations are looking for cyber security software solutions that can help to achieve cyber resilience.

Traditionally, cyber security software has been focused on stopping attacks and preventing cyber crime. But as the cyber risk landscape continues to expand and become more complex, savvy companies are looking for software solutions that enable resilience when attacks are successful.

Business continuity and data availability are key to cyber resilience. Since so many leading cyber security threats originate in email, most companies working toward cyber resilience want cyber security software that can not only protect email but ensure its continuity and availability during and after an attack.

For companies seeking the most effective cyber security solutions, Mimecast offers a suite of cloud-based cyber security software that can power a highly effective cyber resilience strategy.

Cloud-based cyber security software from Mimecast.

Mimecast's offers cyber security software via a fully integrated subscription service. Our SaaS-based offerings let you avoid the cost and complexity of managing on-premise solutions. Built on a highly scalable cloud platform, our comprehensive cyber security tools can be easily managed through a single pane of glass. And with a vibrant user community of more than 25,000 member organizations and millions of users, we offer customers access to a rich knowledgebase as well as certified Mimecast engineers and industry-leading SLAs.

Benefits of Mimecast's all-in-one cyber security software.

Our cloud-based cyber security software includes:

  • Advanced security services. Our leading-edge, patented technology incorporates multi-layered detection engines and the latest threat intelligence to protect your email and users from targeted attacks like ransomware and spear-fishing. Our cyber security software also blocks spam, viruses, malware and data leaks.
  • Business continuity. Because access to email is critical to continuity, our cyber security software enables users to continue to use email during attacks and outages. A 100% service availability SLA ensures users will always have access to the email data they need.
  • Multipurpose archiving. By storing and replicating data from email, files and IM conversations in the cloud, we help to ensure data availability and integrity before, during and after an attack. Our cyber security software also includes management tools for simplifying backup and recovery as well as compliance and e-discovery.
  • End-user empowerment. Since employees are often the weak link in cyber security, we offer training and tools to promote cyber security awareness and to help employees become a powerful line of defense against cyber attacks.

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