Cyber security attack

Improve resilience to a cyber security attack with Mimecast

The key to dealing with a cyber security attack: cyber resilience.

As cyber threats continue to become more prevalent and dangerous, a new business paradigm is emerging for managing a cyber security attack. Where IT teams once focused on stopping attacks through cyber security services, today's savvy organizations are neutralizing the effects of an attack through cyber resilience.

The reason for this shift? Organizations are coming to terms with the fact that cyber crime is here to stay. With a new and ingenious form of cyber security attack emerging nearly every week, it's unrealistic to expect to stop every threat, 24/7/forever.

Organizations must still put energy and resources into cyber solutions to prevent a cyber security attack. But they can also make plans to minimize the impact of a successful attack by ensuring business continuity. And since the vast majority of attacks are email-based, cyber resilience efforts must include solutions to keep email services available during attacks and protect email data from corruption, loss and theft.

Improve resilience to a cyber security attack with Mimecast.

Mimecast email risk management services help to prevent a cyber security attack while also promoting resilience to downtime events.

As a cloud-based solution, Mimecast makes comprehensive tools for email management available through a fully integrated subscription service. While Mimecast security services and employee training provide state-of-the-art protection against the latest email-borne threats, Mimecast multipurpose archiving and business continuity services help to ensure that email is always available -- even during downtime due to hardware failure, natural disaster or a cyber security attack.

Mimecast services are built on a cloud platform that lets administrators manage multiple solutions through a single pane of glass. Massively scalable and highly successful, Mimecast's SaaS-based services provide easy-to-use tools for managing email and cyber resilience while avoiding the need to implement and manage a wide-ranging collection of point solutions.

How Mimecast helps to neutralize a cyber security attack.

Mimecast advanced email security services help to prevent a cyber attack by using sophisticated, multi-layer detection engines and intelligence to identify and stop known and emerging threats. Mimecast prevents targeted threats like spear-fishing, ransomware and impersonation fraud, as well as traditional threats like viruses, malware, data leaks and spam. Additionally, Mimecast training empowers end-users to be vigilant to attacks, helping them to better understand and identify risks in email communications.

When an attack is successful at breaching corporate cyber security defenses, Mimecast business continuity services allow users to continue to send, receive and access live and historic email even when primary servers are down. And Mimecast multipurpose archiving ensures that email, files and IM conversations remain available to administrators and users at all times, mitigating the impact of a cyber security attack and enabling regular day-to-day business to continue.

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