Cloud Email Services

Protect and manage email with Mimecast's cloud email services.

Protect and manage email with Mimecast's cloud email services.

Managing business email effectively is critical to productivity and success, and cloud email services from Mimecast can help.

As the single-most important repository of corporate memory and information, email is essential to communication, collaboration and decision-making at every level of your enterprise. Mimecast's cloud email services for security, archiving and continuity help you protect your email and organization from threats, meet compliance and litigation requirements, and provide users with continuous access even during outages.

Cloud email services for email security, archiving and continuity.

Mimecast's cloud email services are built on a secure cloud platform and optimized for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. The Mimecast platform offers a broad range of cloud email services so you work with a single cloud email solution and avoid the expense and complexity of managing multiple single-purpose solutions. With no hardware or software to purchase, deploy or maintain, Mimecast cloud email services deliver significant cost savings while improving the quality of email management.

Mimecast's cloud email services include:

  • Email security services protecting your email from increasingly-sophisticated security threats, including targeted attacks such as spear-fishing as well as protection against spam, viruses, malware and data leaks.
  • Email archiving services that let you archive email effectively for compliance purposes and to tap the business insight and corporate memory of email. Mimecast cloud email services for archiving include rapid search and content retrieval, comprehensive email discovery and litigation support, and archiving for files and Lync IM as well.
  • Email continuity services that provide continuous access to email during outages and reduce recovery time to nearly zero. During an outage, Mimecast cloud email services enable your users to send and receive email directly via the Mimecast platform and access their email and calendars on any device, from any location.


The benefit of cloud email services.

Mimecast's cloud email services enable you to:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of email management. Mimecast cloud email services provide a single solution that is easy to implement and performs better and more cost-effectively than multiple single-purpose systems running on on-premises infrastructure2.
  • Improve productivity by providing users with fast and continuous access to their email and the valuable data it contains.
  • Improve compliance and minimize risk with tools to easily manage email retention.
  • Unlock the business potential of your email to drive better decision-making and productivity.

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