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    Cloud email protection software from Mimecast provides powerful tools for cyber protection in an all-in-one subscription service.

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    Prevent attacks with Mimecast cloud email protection.

    Email continues to be the primary target for attackers trying to breach your defenses, but cloud email protection from Mimecast can help to thwart attacks, prevent data loss and improve cyber resilience.

    Email is the primary tool for business communications, which is why it's also the primary attack vector for cyber criminals. From viruses and malware to targeted attacks like spear-phishing, impersonation, ransomware or a whaling cyber attack, the number of ways that malicious individuals can infiltrate your organization is constantly evolving.

    Cloud email protection from Mimecast provides powerful tools for cyber protection in an all-in-one subscription service. Easy to set up and manage, Mimecast's cloud email protection services offer state-of-the-art protection against the most complex email threats, enabling you to stop worrying about email attacks and to focus instead on what's most important to your organization.

    Prevent attacks with Mimecast cloud email protection.

    Cloud email protection against every threat.

    Mimecast cloud email protection technology provides defenses threats that include:

    • Spear-phishing. Mimecast detects and blocks malicious spear-phishing email through email scanning, tools to block malicious links and attachments, and through DNS authentication services like DMARC. (What is DMARC?)
    • Ransomware. Mimecast combines cloud email protection, continuity, archiving and recovery capabilities for a layered cyber resilience solution to ransomware.
    • Impersonation. Mimecast scans all inbound emails in real-time to detect header anomalies, domain similarity, sender spoofing and suspect content.
    • Internal email threats. Mimecast prevents attacks by a malicious insider by scanning content, links and attachments in all internal and outbound email, using a combination of content filtering and data loss protectiontechniques to detect and remediate internal threats.
    • Viruses, spam and malware. Mimecast's Secure Email Gateway uses multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to stop spam and provide advanced malware protection.

    Mimecast email security services also include tools for secure messaging, sending large email files, preventing data leaks and for advanced email signature and disclaimer management.

    Cloud email protection against every threat.

    Benefits of Mimecast cloud email protection.

    Cloud email protection is part of Mimecast's all-in-one service that simplifies business email. Rather than managing multiple point solutions for email security, archiving, continuity, e-Discovery and compliance, organizations can streamline email management with one, simple-to-use cloud platform that provides comprehensive tools.

    Because it's impossible to stop every attack every time, Mimecast enables a holistic approach to cyber resilience with email that protects against most threats, minimizes damage from successful attacks, provides access to email during an outage, and enables fast recovery after an attack.

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    Benefits of Mimecast cloud email protection.

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