Cloud Based Email

Simplify email with cloud based email management.

Simplify email with cloud based email management.

As you work to manage email more effectively and cost-efficiently, cloud based email management solutions from Mimecast offer dramatic advantages. Traditional email infrastructure typically involves single-purpose solutions designed to keep spam out, encrypt sensitive material, prevent data leakage, handle standard disclaimers, and manage email archives and backups. Yet with all this complex hardware and software – and the people required to manage it – achieving 100% uptime is still cost-prohibitive.

Mimecast's cloud based email technology provides a cloud platform with all-in-one solutions for email security, archiving and continuity. By offloading most of your email infrastructure to Mimecast's cloud based email solution, you can reduce the cost and complexity of managing email and simplify protecting your business in today's fast-changing security and risk environment.

Mimecast delivers cloud based email security.

The vast majority of hacking attacks today begin with an email2, making email security among the most critical business priorities. Your existing email infrastructure may protect your organization against traditional threats like spam, malware and viruses, but it's likely no match for like spear-phishing attacks and other advanced threats.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway offers comprehensive cloud based email content controls to protect your email and employees, stopping threats before they reach your network. Secure Email Gateway provides protection based on the latest threat intelligence and centralized security controls administrators utilize to rapidly and consistently apply organization-wide policies, including controls for email stationery.

2"How to Bridge the Email Security Language Gap Between IT and the C-Suite" – Mimecast blog post by Orlando Scott-Cowley, 10/2015

Comprehensive cloud based email solutions.

In addition to email security, Mimecast's cloud-based email solutions include:

  • Cloud email archiving. Mimecast provides highly scalable and resilient cloud based email archives with automated tools enabling administrators to easily manage mailboxes, e-discovery and litigation support while providing employees with instant access to their email, files and IM conversations. With a 7-second search SLA, Mimecast's cloud archive storage solution gives employees and decision makers the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Email continuity. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity makes downtime a thing of the past by providing uninterrupted access to live and historical email and attachments during outages and planned downtime. Employees have guaranteed access to email from anywhere on any device while administrators get cloud based email management tools for complete control of continuity events.

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