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    Archive emails easily with Mimecast.

    Archive emails easily with Mimecast

    Archiving emails effectively is critical to productivity. From delivering on compliance requirements to providing access to the vast amount of corporate memory contained within email archives, you not only must archive emails but retrieve them quickly when needed.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email reduces the cost and complexity of email management. A highly-scalable and resilient cloud based email archiving solution, Cloud Archive for Email gives your users fast access to every email they've ever sent or received while your administrators get automated tools to manage mailboxes, e-discovery and litigation support. The result is fewer IT resources, improved retention management and lower costs to archive emails.




    Archive emails in the cloud

    Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email uses multiple collection points from a combination of journaling, gateway and synchronization technologies to retain the original email, detailed meta-data and a copy of the email if company policy enforcement required any changes. All inbound, outbound and internal email are then made available for instant search by your employees and administrators.

    With tools providing centralized control of email retention policies, Mimecast makes it easy to archive emails and manage mailbox sizes. With this Mimecast solution, your administrators manage and archive email through a single web-based administration portal, using granular control and superior mailbox management tools to enhance Exchange performance, improve e-discovery and streamline email management.


    Realize significant benefits when you archive emails with Mimecast

    As one of the industry's leading archive storage solutions, Mimecast enables you to:

    • Increase productivity. When you archive emails with Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email, you can provide users with faster access to their email through desktop tools and mobile apps. Users never have to worry about which emails to keep and which to delete – everything can be stored in their personal archives with drag-and-drop functionality for moving emails back into their inbox.
    • Reduce costs. By enabling you to archive email in the cloud, Mimecast eliminates the need and the cost for on-premises hardware and software to archive emails. Superior management capabilities helps streamline administrative tasks, reducing the time required to archive emails and manage email retention policies.
    • Centralize control. Administrators can control email retention policies throughout the enterprise, with three encrypted copies of each email stored in separate locations.
    • Improve compliance and e-discovery. Granular control of retention helps make litigation hold, e-discovery and compliance reporting more efficient and cost-effective.

    Learn more about how to archive emails with Mimecast about Mimecast solutions for email archiving for Exchange 2010.

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