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It Took Years to Build Your Brand – One click can destroy it.

Brand impersonation attacks are easy to create. Even unsophisticated attackers can impersonate your website or send fake emails using legitimate domains. If only the damage were easy to undo.

Take control with Mimecast’s Zone 3 solutions.

Defend against attacks outside your field of view

Brand-based attacks use fake websites and fake emails sent using legitimate domains to take advantage of unsuspecting customers, partners, and employees.

Protect what matters most with Mimecast’s brand protection solutions.

Brand Exploit Protect

Proactively prevent and rapidly remediate web-based impersonation attacks. Brand Exploit Protect uses machine learning and quadrillions of targeted scans to identify even unknown attack patterns.

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DMARC Analyzer

Get full visibility of all email domains and control who sends emails on your behalf. DMARC Analyzer simplifies the process of publishing DMARC records and implementing DMARC “reject” policies.

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Get proactive with Mimecast’s Zone 3 protections

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Get proactive with Mimecast’s Zone 3 protections

Move from defense to offense with Zone 3 brand protection that helps you:

  • Defend against imitation-based threats that target customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Extend phishing protection beyond your perimeter
  • Prevent planned brand imitation attacks
  • Quickly resolve live attacks
  • Get visibility of email traffic using your owned domains, both active and dormant
  • Move to a DMARC reject policy faster and more confidently
  • Take proactive action on suspicious and actively malicious domains and URLs

The M Files – It wasn’t me!

A university in Australia was being scammed by attackers who set up a fake website, sent phishing emails to students, and harvested credentials when they logged in. How did they figure out it was happening? They didn’t.

Even though they weren’t a customer, Mimecast detected the attack and alerted them to the situation. The university initially elected to handle it on their own; but several days later, the site was still live.

They turned to Mimecast for help, and the site was taken down in less than an hour. And a few weeks later when another fake website was created, Mimecast detected it before anyone else could fall for the scam.

How Mimecast can help…

  • Proactively identify web-based impersonation attacks
  • Get full visibility and control of who sends emails on your behalf
  • Block and take down both suspicious sites and active scams
  • Protect customers, partners, and your own employees from phishing scams using domains similar to yours


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