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Stop attacks from spreading inside and out

Internal email threats are often underestimated, which means they carry a lot of risk. And without adequate security awareness, employees are highly susceptible to making an innocent but devastating mistake.

Keep internal email secure and make employees a security asset, rather than your weakest link, with Mimecast’s Zone 2 defenses.

Close internal security gaps

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Close internal security gaps

Best-practice internal email inspections combine with award-winning awareness training to close gaps and strengthen security in Zone 2 – inside your network & organization.

  • Apply best-practice security inspections to ALL email
  • Protect against latent malware with continuous re-checking of previously delivered content
  • Automatically or manually remediate unwanted emails post-delivery
  • Prevent user-to-user and user-to-third-party compromise
  • Provide training that engages employees and changes behavior
  • Train employees using real-life, de-weaponized phishing attacks
  • Measure security awareness risk at the employee and organizational level

Awareness Training

Internal Email Protect

The M Files – But that email looked so real…

Thousands of employees at a major healthcare company received a malicious attachment titled “Employee Notice”. Within an hour, hundreds had opened it, infecting their machines and causing havoc. IT scrambled to stop the attack, then started cleaning up the mess. After days of manual 24x7 work, they discovered the source was a financial controller who had been compromised six months prior when he entered his credentials on a fake Microsoft 365 log in page.

How Mimecast can help…

  • Best-practice inspections of internal email, including URLs and attachments
  • Rapid remediation of email-borne threats when needed
  • Awareness training to make employees think twice before opening attachments
  • One, simple-to-use cloud platform
  • Risk reporting through SAFE Score capability


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