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Best-in-Class Email Security, Simply Delivered

Nearly all cyberattacks leverage email.

Why? It works.

The simple fact remains that securing Zone 1 – your email perimeter – is the foundation of any effective cyber resilience strategy.

Improve protections, simplify administration, control costs

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Improve protections, simplify administration, control costs

Secure the top attack vector with Mimecast Email Security, a single, simple-to-use cloud platform that’s fast to implement, easy to manage, affordable, and built to work seamlessly with Microsoft 365.

Protection Against

  • Business email compromise, phishing, and spear-phishing
  • Weaponized attachments and ransomware
  • Signature-less malware and zero-day attacks
  • Malicious and sophisticated URL attacks
  • Loss of sensitive or proprietary information

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Protect Your Microsoft 365 Investment

Microsoft 365 is a great productivity tool, but you need email security that’s just as effective. Improve email security efficacy by as much as 28% over Microsoft Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection alone.

Keep your users and cloud investment secure with Mimecast

  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft 365
  • Closes key security gaps
  • Used by over 20,000 organizations to bolster Microsoft 365 security
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The M Files – Keeping users safe in Zone 1

Paul’s organization moved to Microsoft 365, cutting costs and simplifying email management…or so he thought. Soon after migrating, his CFO, Mark Towns, wanted to know why his team kept getting emails from a “Mark Townes” requesting wire transfers.

Paul opened a ticket with Microsoft and waited. As the influx of spam and targeted attacks continued, it became clear to Paul that he needed a solution capable of blocking unwanted mail before it hit Microsoft 365 – and for keeping email running should service go down.

How Mimecast can help…

  • Multi-layered email inspections
  • Protection against sophisticated attacks, like phishing and spear phishing
  • Flexible support plans designed to meet varying levels of needs
  • Easy deployment with M365


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