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Simplify compliance & data management

Modern-day data management represents a high degree of complexity and an increasing amount of risk, as massive volumes of data converge with increasingly stringent restrictions.

Reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of data management, compliance, and e-Discovery with Mimecast Governance & Compliance.

Listed as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for six years running, these solutions have long set the industry standard for enterprise information archiving.

Streamline information governance

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Streamline information governance

  • Comprehensive regulatory, e-discovery, and litigation support through compliance-driven chains of custody and fully indexed archive.
  • Seamless migration of live and archived email data to Microsoft 365 and other cloud environments.
  • User empowerment via an Outlook® add-in, Mac app and mobile apps for iPhone®, iPad, Android®, Windows Phone® and BlackBerry® devices.
  • Fast, accurate first-pass review for email in response to audits, investigations, and legal requests.

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The M Files – You can find those emails for me, right?

Angela works as a lawyer for a mid-sized organization and asked Meghan, their Director of Infrastructure, to help with a case. She needed Meghan to put a hold on 14 mailboxes and pull all the emails sent or received from them for the last two years.

Meghan jumped on the task; but after two weeks of running searches, she was still missing six months of mail. To make matters worse, one user’s PST files were corrupted. Without a separate archive in place, the data was permanently lost.

How Mimecast can help…

  • Best-in-class e-Discovery to reduce the time spent searching for emails and deliver accurate results
  • Centralized litigation hold to simplify the process of identifying and retaining relevant emails
  • An immutable archive to ensure data is never lost


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