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Email disruptions? We’ve got your back (and your data).

Uninterrupted email flow is essential to virtually every organization, as is ensuring that data isn’t lost when technical failures or accidental deletions occur.

Are you prepared to quickly and securely recover after an incident?

Keep email flowing and ensure data is never lost with Mimecast Continuity & Recovery.

Eliminate email downtime

Whether your email is on-premises or in a cloud service like Microsoft 365, downtime is a reality all organizations must face. Take control with Mimecast Continuity.

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  • Eliminate the risk of email disruption from planned or unplanned downtime
  • Give users access to live and historical mail—anytime, anywhere
  • Maintain security and content control policies even during email server downtime
  • Monitor mail flow and get real-time alerts of atypical patterns

Prevent data loss

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Prevent data loss

When cyberattacks succeed, it can take weeks or months to recover what was lost, and there are no guarantees…or are there? Meet Mimecast Sync & Recover.

  • Ensure critical data is never lost
  • Quickly and easily restore entire mailboxes or individual items
  • Get peace of mind that critical data is protected

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The M Files – But I just changed my password…

Mary’s company moved to Microsoft 365, and IT had been sending a lot of reminders. The most recent email was from Microsoft, prompting her to change her password. It did give her pause. After all, she’d just changed her password last month. But if Microsoft was emailing her, she should probably do it.

She knew immediately that she’d made a mistake. The moment her password was changed, folders from her Inbox started disappearing. Mary ran over to IT, panicked that she’d compromised her account, and even worse, maybe the entire company’s data.

Her IT team quickly dropped what they were doing to investigate the incident, disabling Mary’s account and leaving her out of commission for several days.

How Mimecast Can Help…

  • Block malicious emails, including improving efficacy by 28% over Microsoft 365 security alone
  • Give users uninterrupted access to email during an incident
  • Allow IT to quickly and easily restore mailboxes


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