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How to Slam a Door on the Cutwail Botnet: Enforce DMARC

DMARC can help protect brands from email domain spoofing. The problem is that not enough organizations are enforcing on DMARC yet. Key Points: The Cutwail botnet continues to be very active and often spoofs the brands of well-known organizations via…

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FireEye Attack Raises the Bar on Cyber Resilience for Everyone

Threat actors steal ‘white hat’ tools, but FireEye publishes countermeasures to help the cybersecurity community thwart their use. The cyberattack on FireEye, revealed earlier this week, elevates cyber risk for all organizations. But than…

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Anatomy of a Sustained BEC Attack on Microsoft 365 Users

Cyberattackers lurked in victims’ Microsoft 365 email accounts for months, first to divert $15 million, and then to prevent detection of their email compromise. Key Points: A recent global business email compromise campaign, now under investig…

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Threat Intelligence Briefing: Pandemic Fallout Strains Cybersecurity and Resilience

All organizations’ cybersecurity resilience is in greater peril as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to add to and reshape cyber risk. Key Points: Pandemic fallout such as businesses accelerating their cloud migrations, more work from hom…

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More than Meddling: Phishing Email Scams Exploit Political Brands

Businesses now face growing risk from phishing email attacks that prey on people’s political opinions, mirroring the COVID-19 cybercrime surge that preyed on fear.  Key Points: Cybercriminals’ two favorite techniques are to exploit …

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