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DOS Attacks Explained: What They Are and How To Prevent Them

A denial-of-service attack can disrupt an organization’s website and network, resulting in a loss of business and other costs without the right prevention tactics.  Key Points: Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks make networks and the resour…

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Protecting Your Supply Chain From Ransomware

Partner access to your corporate network may make good business sense, but your organization’s risk of attack rises if they lack cybersecurity savvy.   Key Points: Enterprises are doing business with a growing number of third parties…

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How Cybercriminals Attack Brands with Marketing Tactics

What to do when cybercriminals use a company’s brand to con people with link manipulation, website spoofing, social media impersonation and fake texts. Key Points: Cybercriminals use common marketing tactics to connect with their “marks.…

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Supreme Court Offers Justice for Cybersecurity Threat Hunters

A ruling by America’s highest court is expected to protect the growing ranks of security researchers and bug bounty hunters against legal liability. Key Points: Cybersecurity threat hunters help companies stay ahead of cybercriminals by identi…

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Episode #8 of Phishy Business: Predicting tomorrow’s news today – the fascinating world of Threat Intelligence

On this week's episode of Phishy Business, we explore threat intelligence. Have you heard of carbon spider, mythic leopard and even ocean buffalo? These are all code names for some of the biggest cyberattacks of 2020, code names created by the threa…

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