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Threat Intelligence Briefing: Skyrocketing Coronavirus Cyber Attacks Spur Increasing Security Cooperation

We’re continuing to see an unprecedented level of malicious activity as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, with threat actors shifting their focus to prey on the latest evolving anxieties of people who are working at home or self-isolating due to h…

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VelvetSweatshop Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet Encryption Rises Again to Deliver LimeRAT Malware

Editor’s note: Thanks to Mimecast Threat Center’s Doron Attias and Tal Dery for this discovery. Microsoft Excel’s standard file encryption capabilities can be used to obfuscate and deliver malware. Mimecast Threat Center researchers…

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Security, Email Security, Threat Intelligence Hub, Coronavirus

Coronavirus Phishing Attacks Speed Up Across the Globe

Unsafe clicks from COVID-19-themed email phishing attacks nearly double in recent weeks; Mimecast blocks up to 5,000 URLs related to the Coronavirus a day—37x what we blocked in January. Security professionals in organizations attempting to per…

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Security, Threat Intelligence Hub, Coronavirus

Beware of Quickly-Evolving Coronavirus Email Phishing Attacks

Cyber criminals continually morph COVID-19 phishing scams to exploit what people are most anxious about at any given moment. Key Points: As every organization you’ve ever touched emails to let you know their coronavirus plans, email phishers a…

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Cyber Awareness: Top 3 Steps to Combat Cyber Disruption, Chaos and Profiteering

By now, COVID-19, or coronavirus, has likely dominated conversations and elicited new behavior at work, school, and home, given the rapid spread. But while we shift daily life and routines, the threat intelligence landscape is shifting as well: thre…

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