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Ransomware Attack Leaves Honda Stuck in "Park"

A large-scale ransomware attack on Honda Motor Co. halts manufacturing operations, highlighting the need to better protect business critical systems. Key Points Honda announced a ransomware attack crippled operations in multiple countries, causing …

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Ransomware Returns With A New Twist: Pay Up or We’ll Publish

Ransomware attacks have become larger and more sophisticated—and hackers are increasingly stealing sensitive information and threatening to publish it unless the ransom is paid. Key Points: More ransomware attacks are stealing sensitive inform…

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Shoring Up Brand Protections in the Age of Domain Spoofing

Cybercriminals leverage the trust and digital reputations that online brands have fostered to further their malicious email spoofing and domain spoofing activities. Which are the most impersonated brands on the internet? While the answer varies a bit…

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Threat Intelligence Briefing: Attackers Target Employees Returning to Work—and Increasingly Turn to Non-Traditional Attack Vectors

Key Points: Attackers are shifting focus to target employees returning to work. Non-traditional attack vectors, including vishing and deepfake audio, are on the rise. Mimecast detected a spike in attacks on healthcare organizations, with malicious …

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New Threat Intelligence Report: 100 Days of Coronavirus

The global spread of COVID-19 has created many new opportunities for threat actors since the novel coronavirus began gathering widespread attention at the end of 2019. To provide a clear picture of how malicious actors are exploiting those opportunit…

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