Mimecast's Environmental, Social, and Governance Report: Resilience Through Partnerships and Culture

    Annual ESG Report brings to life the important contributions Mimecasters have made to protect our customers, foster diversity, and build community resilience.

    by Bryan Vermes

    Key Points

    • Mimecast has released our second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance Report
    • Mimecast is achieving its goals for protecting our planet, building an inclusive team, and strengthening our communities by partnering with select organizations across our regions.
    • Mimecast’s efforts are resulting in not only in recognition and numerous awards, but real and impactful results in the lives of Mimecasters, their communities, and the world. 

    This year, we released our second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken to protect our planet, build an inclusive team, and help strengthen the resilience of our communities.

    To achieve the results within our report, Mimecast worked alongside leading organizations that address these opportunities in our core regions, and we continued to embed corporate citizenship within our company values – what we call ‘The Mimecast Way’.

    Building Strength Through Global Partnerships

    Our ESG Report brings to life the important contributions Mimecasters have made to protect our customers, foster diversity, and build community resilience. Additionally, we recognize the power in collaboration with external partners to maximize our impact.

    Corporate social responsibility at Mimecast has been built on a foundation of signature charitable partnerships around the world. We take a data-centric and purpose-driven approach to selecting non-profits with strong operating models and proven outcomes. We lean in through volunteerism, corporate donations, and other forms of philanthropy while allowing our partners to do what they do best: Fulfil their own organizational mission to support the communities in which they operate. In the United States, the Boston Business Journal put a spotlight on this model and named our long-standing partnership with Year Up Boston as one of their Partners of the Year in 2021

    We’ve also brought this successful, partnership-first approach to our diversity, equity, and inclusion program, as well as our sustainability program. We took critical steps toward diversifying our talent pipeline by launching partnerships with WomenTech and Black Young Professionals. This allows us to access and engage with diverse community groups to promote Mimecast as an employer of choice and provide visibility to our career opportunities.

    Lastly, Mimecast worked alongside Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. to develop an understanding of our environmental impact, the steps we can take to protect our planet, and what we must do to commit to a net-zero target. 

    Driving Organizational Culture and Values

    One of our five Mimecast Way values is to Bring a Resilient Spirit, which is at the heart of our ESG Report. Through a multi-pronged approach of addressing cyber resilience, environmental resilience, and community resilience, we have found that we can scale our values-based culture. 

    Over the last 12 months, we achieved Great Place to Work certifications across all our major regions. Further, for two years straight, our team in the U.K. has earned Best Workplaces™ designation and our U.S. employees have placed us on Top Workplaces. These external benchmarks align with what we’re seeing every day in our work, because we know Mimecasters want us to be an employer that’s taking a holistic approach toward how we invest in them and the communities in which they live. We don’t take these achievements for granted, and the oft-referenced “war for talent” is here to stay. That’s why we will be continuing to bring employees together through these programs.

    Mimecast has made great strides in all facets of our ESG program, and the report we’ve released details the steps we took to build the partnerships and culture that made it possible. Take a look for yourself and download the report now.

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