Maria Genova and Dr. Kiri Addison share lessons learned from unfortunate instances of identity theft. 

Did you know it’s possible to be imprisoned on a database, but not in actual reality?

While the idea may seem strange, this is the case for thousands of people around the world, whether they know it or not.

With data breaches happening all the time, personal information is traded freely by unscrupulous forces on the dark web. It begs the question if anyone is truly safe from having their identity stolen.

So, what lessons can we learn from these instances of misfortune? And how can we protect ourselves?

Luckily, this week we have best-selling author and journalist Maria Genova here to help uncover some mysterious tales of identity theft. She is joined by Mimecast’s Dr. Kiri Addison, our Head of Data Science for Threat Intelligence and Overwatch.

In the sixth episode of Phishy Business, Curious Cases of Identity Theft with Maria Genova, we discuss:

  • The inside track on Maria’s book Lady and the H@cker, including the time she opened up her own data to a convicted cybercriminal
  • How easy it is to fall victim to ID thefts and steps to protect yourself
  • The future of cybercrime
  • The best password advice you will ever hear

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