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    Episode #5, Season 3 of Phishy Business: Hacker Life: Insights Into Hacking, Penetration Testing, and More  

    In this episode of Phishy Business, we speak to Elger Jonker, an ethical hacker and penetration tester.  

    by Nick Deen

    Elger is now in the process of setting up one of the world’s largest hacker camps and conferences. In addition to speaking with Elger about this exciting new event, we also discuss his tips and tricks to make organizations more resilient.

    In ‘Hacker life: Insights into hacking, penetration testing, and more’, we discuss:

    • The definition of a hacker and the types of hackers that exist today.
    • Examples of hacks that made an impact, even on Elger himself.
    • How to make organizations more resilient while facing ever-increasing cyberthreats.
    • How ethical hackers can help improve security for organizations.
    • Various initiatives to create more awareness around hacks, hacking, and cybersecurity. 
    • Elger’s vision for one of the largest hacker camps and conferences worldwide, hosted in the Netherlands.


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