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    Episode 4, Season 3 of Phishy Business: How the WEF wants to make cybersecurity a business priority

    This week, we speak to Algirde Pipikaite, cybersecurity strategy lead at the World Economic Forum about some concerning misperceptions between business and IT leaders on cybersecurity matters. 

    by Nick Deen

    Our wide-ranging discussion covers the reasons why having a resilient business is good for profits, how to educate the board on the need for cybersecurity, why coding should be taught in schools, and the cybersecurity sector being full of rewarding cybersecurity career opportunities.

    In ‘Making cybersecurity a business priority’, we discuss:

    • The WEF’s mission
    • The difference between cyber resilience and cybersecurity
    • The (mis)perception from business leaders that their business is better protected than it really is
    • How IT leaders can better educate the board on the need for cybersecurity
    • How to create a new generation of cyber-aware employees
    • The importance of being bold and trying things out in life

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