Security Awareness Training

    Episode 3, Season 3 of Phishy Business: Hacked, and hacked again 

    by Nick Deen

    Imagine being the CEO of tech company. Now imagine your company gets hacked, not once, but twice. This is what happened to our guest, Scott Schober, a CEO, best-selling author of the book Hacked Again, and cybersecurity educator. We discuss how his company got breached, his mission to educate other business leaders on good cyber hygiene, and – crucially – how to get them to act.

    In ‘Hacked, and hacked again’, we cover:

    • How Scott’s company got hacked
    • What it is like being both a cybersecurity expert and a victim of cybercrime
    • How his experience spurred him on to educate other business leaders
    • How his speaking out about being attacked made him a personal target for cybercriminals
    • His tips of on how business leaders can stay safe
    • Why losing $65,000 to hackers is a drop in the cybercrime ocean

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