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    Episode #11, Season 1 of Phishy Business: Resilience – a key component to sporting (and cyber) success

    We’re Gearing Up For A Summer Of Sporting Excellence This Year With The Delayed Summer Olympics And Paralympics. On This Week’s Episode, We Speak To Dutch Paralympian And World Champion, Jetze Plat, And His Coach And Sports Doctor Guido Vroemen.

    by Nick Deen
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    In this inspirational chat, we learn about the importance of resilience, teamwork, rest and how even with the best training in the world, the motivation to beat one’s siblings is the strongest fuel of all.

    In this episode of Phishy Business, ‘Resilience- a key component to sporting success’, we discuss:

    • How being born with a disability, but not being treated differently, lead to discovering Jetze’s sporting talent
    • Self-motivation and resilience tips even during COVID
    • The importance of data analytics in elite sporting performance
    • How being an athlete means you can’t travel light

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