After months of training, sweat, tears, blood, protein shakes and ill-fitting gym shorts it’s nearly here. Sam ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ Oliver is hours from stepping into the ring to represent Mimecast at the 2014 CRN Fight Night tonight in London. So how’s Sam shaping up?

When I last interviewed Sam, he was at the beginning of his training, so I expected things to be different this time.

I caught up with Sam as he was on the way out of his latest training session with Phil from The Fit Scene. At first I didn’t recognize him. No longer was Sam buried in a massive cuddly overcoat of pink flesh…he looked like the toned and ruggedly handsome younger brother of the Sam Oliver I once knew.

Sadly, it seems that good looks alone aren't enough to guaranteed victory at CRN Fight Night, but as Sam’s victory will likely trigger a rush from international fashion brands to sign him up to endorse their products, it can’t hurt right?

The support of the international fashion houses, the public and Mimecast are assured, but we’re very conscious that this is a channel event so partners will be key to creating an electric atmosphere for Sam to feed off.

Which is why the timing couldn't be better for our Partner Advisory and Awards event – it’s just before the fight. The awards feature guest speakers from Mimecast such as Neil Murray, our CTO, who'll be presenting a high level preview of Mimecast’s integration with Office 365, Malcolm Tinkler, General Manager, introducing the UK leadership team and Gillian Crewdson, our new Channel Director, revealing some interesting research results which have yet to be published.

It promises to be an ideal way to prepare for the evening’s entertainment – we look forward to seeing our partners there to cheer Sam to victory.

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