by Dan Sloshberg 24th of November 2014

Microsoft Azure Outage: A Reminder That All Cloud Services Need Backup

Last week Microsoft Azure suffered a major outage, disrupting many enterprises worldwide that had shifted their workloads to Microsoft’s public cloud, including companies who have upgraded to Office 365.Mimecast Continuity Services

The cloud skeptics are already gathering to tell these companies they shouldn’t have moved to the cloud, but ask the IT managers of LAN-based services whether they ever have had unplanned downtime and of course the answer is yes. So what’s the answer to the downtime conundrum?

The simple solution is to treat the cloud with the same level of respect that we’ve been treating our on-premises systems for decades…are your core services, like email, so important that your business cannot do without them?

If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, and it usually is, then you should go for a blended-cloud approach.

Despite the fact that these events will be frustrating and disruptive for Microsoft customers (or Google or any other service for that matter) it’s still no reason to stop plans to move to the cloud, or retreat to the shelter of the LAN. However, this incident should be a trigger for IT teams to check they are being careful about what core cloud service they choose and then how they protect it.

When you move critical services and data, like email, to the cloud, you must also plan for the inevitability that at some point the service will most likely go down – just as you would with business continuity solutions on your own infrastructure if you kept them in-house.  With Mimecast services you keep employees’ email up and running, and keep them productive even in the event of an outage.

What happens when the cloud service goes down? Every IT leader should be able to answer that question immediately and show their continuity strategy. A strategy based on planning and technology, not hope.

For more information about Mimecast cloud email continuity services please click here.

by Gillian Crewdson 19th of November 2014

UK Channel Awards Success: Why Mimecast’s Cloud Heritage Helps Our Partners Stand Out

Mimecast is channel focused and our partners are critical to our achievements as a fast-growth technology company. This is why we were particularly delighted to be named Cloud Specialist Vendor of the Year at last week’s CRN Channel Awards. This recognition follows lots of hard work to support our partners with new services that build on their historic offering and meet the growing requirement for cloud computing – such as our Office 365 Services portfolio.

Mimecast CRN Cloud Specialist Vendor of the Year - Winner Mimecast won Cloud Specialist Vendor of the Year and was also highly commended as the Security Vendor of the Year at the 2014 CRN Channel Awards.

Mimecast’s life began in the cloud, and because of that, we believe our channel programme stands out from other, more traditional, vendors. Many resellers have been concerned about the impact the cloud would have on their businesses. But the reality is that most organizations need a great deal of advice and support to adopt cloud services. Selling complementary cloud products, training or building additional managed services, particularly around security, are great ways to add value and revenue.

We were also highly commended in the Security Vendor of the Year category. As security threats have evolved further over the past 12 months, the UK IT channel increasingly needs to work with vendors who are continuously investing in technology upgrades to protect against new threats. Our Broad Spectrum Email Security for Office 365 offering has created partner opportunities for new value-add services while Targeted Threat Protection now protects enterprises from the growing risk from spear phishing.

We would like to commend our partners who also saw considerable success at the awards:

+ Software Vendor of the Year. Judges Commended: Microsoft UK

+ Managed Services Provider of the Year. Winner: Kelway

+ SMB Reseller of the Year. Winner: Green Fields Technology

+ Mid-Market Reseller of the Year. Judges Commended: Total Computer Networks

+ Enterprise Reseller of the Year. Winner: Bytes

+ Reseller of the Year. Winner: Kelway. Judges Commended: Servium

These awards add to the recognition we had earlier in the year in the CRN Vendor Report where we scored 2nd overall against the top 50 vendors in the UK.

We are proud of what we and our partners have achieved, both in terms of the industry recognition we have enjoyed like last week’s award, but also how we have helped their customers benefit from the cloud.

by Orlando Scott-Cowley 29th of October 2014

Let the Cloud Relieve Your Legacy Archive Headache

On-premises email and data archives are a growing challenge to organizations looking to reduce costs and management complexity.

Cloud archiving alternatives offer a compelling opportunity to remove the management headaches and deliver a secure, resilient and highly scalable archive service to meet requirements now and in the future. But concerns remain about the ideal migration strategy that balances effective risk management with new business requirements.

That’s why in this new webinar, I’ve teamed up with Gartner research director Alan Dayley to break down the benefits of the cloud over on-premises email archiving. Together, we also explore the key considerations for migrating to the cloud, and look to the future of email archiving in the cloud.

Hybrid or 100% cloud? Should you migrate everything from legacy systems? How do I know if I even need archiving? We explore the key considerations and review what you need to think about regarding data sovereignty.

For customers thinking about moving to Office 365, but concerned about their readiness, we’ll discuss migration strategies. Meanwhile, for those who have already made the move, we’ll discuss how a third party backup archive can make your data in Office 365 fully resilient

There has never been a better time to move archives to the cloud.

Take a look at video here.

by Emma Rae 29th of May 2014

Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 – Winners Celebrate

Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 winner’s photo, left-to-right: Ernesto Broersma, IT Lab; Nessa Lynchehaun, Mimecast; Ben Konopinksi, Koncise; Adam Thornton, Bytes Software Services; Ollie Downs, Softcat; Steve Timothy, EACS and Brian Emmerson, EACS. Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 winner’s photo, left-to-right: Ernesto Broersma, IT Lab; Nessa Lynchehaun, Mimecast; Ben Konopinksi, Koncise; Adam Thornton, Bytes Software Services; Ollie Downs, Softcat; Steve Timothy, EACS and Brian Emmerson, EACS.

Last week saw two of the biggest events in our UK channel world - 2014 CRN Fight Night and the Mimecast Partner Awards 2014. Although our Mimecast contender Sam ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ Oliver didn’t prevail in his fight I can say, as I was next to the ring, it was a heroic performance.

The Mimecast Partner Awards, was held just before Fight Night and was equally as exciting. Six winners were announced in total (detailed at the end of this post) and some exclusive material was previewed by Mimecast.

Mimecasters introduced the new UK channel strategy to partners, which includes a new and larger Mimecast team to support partners drive a deeper engagement with customers. In addition, Gillian Crewdson, Channel Director teased the audience with a sneak preview of our impressive position in the upcoming CRN Vendor Report 2014 report. More to come on that when CRN launch it…

Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 winner’s photo, left-to-right: Malcolm Tinkler, Mimecast; Matthew Helling, Softcat; Paul Treacy, IT Lab; Nessa Lynchehaun, Mimecast and Pat Foyle, Kelway.

Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 winner’s photo, left-to-right: Malcolm Tinkler, Mimecast; Matthew Helling, Softcat; Paul Treacy, IT Lab; Nessa Lynchehaun, Mimecast and Pat Foyle, Kelway.

We also lifted the lid on the expanded range of products on offer from Mimecast this year and heard from our CTO, Neil Murray, about the evolution of our technology platform which delivers our services.

The feedback and participation we get from the Partner Awards always highlights how privileged we are to have a large and highly committed partner channel in the UK…I can’t wait to see who wins next year.


Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 Winners

Premier Partner of the Year: Softcat Limited

This is the premier award and recognizes the partner that has generated the highest revenue in the last year and demonstrates exemplary dedication to its partnership with Mimecast.

Growth Partner of the Year: Bytes Software Services

This award goes to the partner that has achieved the highest level of growth.

Champion Partner of the Year: EACS Limited

This is for the organization that is leading in raising Mimecast’s profile within its business and customer base.

Champion of the Year: Pat Foyle, Kelway Ltd

This goes to the individual within a partner organization who has demonstrated strong support for Mimecast’s technology and is responsible for securing significant customer results.

Customer Excellence Partner of the Year: Koncise Solutions Limited

This is for the partner that has shown unrivalled dedication to customer service excellence.

Technical Services Partner of the Year: IT Lab Limited

This award recognizes the partner with exemplary levels of technical proficiency and customer assistance on Mimecast’s services.