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Security Camera Cyber Risks For Kids & Families

Home security cameras have recently fielded a spate of attacks affecting users across the U.S.; a particularly frightening recent news story describes how a Ring camera installed in a child’s bedroom was hacked and used to scare the eight-year-…

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Archiving, Email Security

Why Email Compliance Is Critical for Financial Firms’ Cybersecurity

Maintaining compliance has always been a top-of-mind concern for highly regulated industries. In the face of increasing regulatory frameworks and evolving security threats, it’s no surprise that compliance is becoming more critical universall…

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Archive and Data Protection

As email archive evolves, so do the market leaders

In IT terms, five years is a lifetime. In the last five years I’ve gone from covering enterprise archiving as an analyst at Gartner to archive product marketing at Mimecast. During that time, Mimecast has continued its five-year streak as a Le…

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