Why Cyber Resilience in Today's Complex Environment Requires an Integrated Ransomware Solution

More than 50 new types of malware used in ransomware attacks were released in the first half of 2016 alone. The pace of ransomware attacks is escalating. Nearly 40% of companies have been hit with ransomware attacks this year, and the …

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Security, Microsoft 365

Never Be a Ransomware Hostage

What often impacts more than 100,000 computers a day, and can cost you thousands of dollars in remediation, downtime, and cleanup cost? Ransomware. In a ransomware attack, you are literally held hostage and denied access to critical productivit…

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Archiving, Archive and Data Protection

Six Critical Considerations for Exchange Online Archiving

Adoption of Office 365 continues to grow rapidly, adding 50,000 customers a month, with Exchange email remaining the number one workload. At the same time, increasing regulation, litigation, and operational drivers necessitate the need for speedy, a…

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