Steve McKenzie

This week at the Gartner Symposium IT Expo in Orlando, Florida, I joined fellow IT leaders and customers for a discussion around securing unstructured data, and finding hidden value. During my session, I wanted to get to the bottom of a common misnomer that plagues many IT organizations: the idea that paying for storage and security is a grudge purchase - something they have to do but would rather not pay for. The truth is, paying to secure unstructured data is a valuable investment in technology.

Here's why.

There is a lot of data flowing through corporate networks, the cloud and across mobile devices everywhere. And it’s no secret that there are bad people out there aiming to steal or disrupt this data. It’s because of this threat you need a brigade of people, processes and systems dedicated to securing and storing your corporate data.

Email and instant messaging have become the standard for business communication. We write to each other more than we actually speak, and that fuels the continued growth of unstructured data. IT workers need to protect this data, and due to Regulatory Compliance, litigation protection, collaboration potential and good governance, they also need to store it.

You can turn the protection of your data into an investment that:

  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Allows you to produce and sell more goods and services
  • Contributes to your bottom line
  • Boosts employee productivity and efficiency

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It was a recurring theme at the Gartner Symposium – the IT industry needs to consider existing data more…there are nuggets of gold sitting in data stores and one of the biggest questions we’re all facing is how this value can be mined to make a difference to businesses. Can’t wait to see if by the time next year’s Symposium comes around, we’ve got a little closer to answering this question.