Sean Broderick

Mimecast has been awarded 5-Star Rating in CRN’s 2014 Partner Program Guide for the second consecutive year.

This annual guide recognizes the best channel partner programs in the market based on features including partner profitability, marketing programs, and partner training, education and support. You may be wondering: What has landed Mimecast on this list for two years in a row? We are experiencing rapid growth and success in the U.S. channel market for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we provide our partners with a platform to grow their business. Period. Not to mention, there have been many benefits to being in the cloud space.

Mimecast named a CRN 5-Star Channel Partner for the second year in a row.

The Mimecast solution provides real-life comprehensive value to our partners’ customers, and a platform for them to build services practices around – such as high availability from human generated data, email environments and security suites. Second, our model sets us apart. We are a 100 percent channel-focused organization and we reward partners for their investment in Mimecast. Reward takes many forms, such as lead generation from Mimecast and industry-leading margins for partner-generated opportunities. We also reward our partners with deal protection for the life of the customer – this is a key benefit when it comes to subscription services.

These features are the cornerstones on which we have built the Mimecast U.S. channel program over the past two years. The next step for us is to develop a set of certifications that allow our partners to take advantage of the professional services that Mimecast can provide. This means we will begin to finalize different tiers of certifications that will open up a new level of engagement with Mimecast, as well as business value (margins!). Another area of focus for us – and area of opportunity for partners – is growing our MSP partner base. We recently announced a series of tools and capabilities that allow our MSP partners to seamlessly manage their environment.

The 2014 Partner Program Guide is featured on and the 5-Star Partners listing will be highlighted in the April issue of CRN.


Mimecast was named Softchoice’s “Cloud Super Category Vendor of the Year” at the North American Solutions and Services provider’s annual Launch conference in Toronto. Michael Kane, Softchoice’s director of business development for Softchoice Cloud and Client Software presented us with the award based on our overall revenue performance, growth, interaction and engagement across sales, marketing and business development organizations.

Members from Softchoice and Mimecast gathered at the Vendor of the Year award ceremony.

This award comes on the heels of our recent announcement that Mimecast topped the one million dollar threshold with Softchoice, solidifying our status as one of the top revenue-producing vendors for Softchoice’s cloud business. Through our strategic partnership, Mimecast and Softchoice bring end-users a total email management platform in the cloud, including seamless migration to Microsoft Office 365, continuity and archiving from Mimecast. In addition, we recently launched our first bundled solution with Softchoice to solve high availability, security and migration challenges when moving to the cloud. The bundle includes technology from Mimecast, Softchoice and Microsoft.

Our relationship with Softchoice is a great example of how the right level of channel engagement can exponentially accelerate growth. Softchoice’s dedication to a cloud practice, and adding value to their customers' cloud needs, is the perfect complement to Mimecast’s products and services.


Google's announcement in August to decommission the Postini service as we know it was big news in the email security space. So much so, our CEO even blogged about it.

Many competitors quickly broadcast Postini-targeted offers to woo its customers, but with Google claiming that most Postini resellers were already selling Google Apps the impact to the channel has been largely overlooked.

No doubt the news was a trigger for many Postini customers to reconsider their email security solution, so how did this period of intense change impact the channel?  Well, the opinion formers in channel that I have talked to cite a common thread – the news has created a renewed drive for a transparent, stable and fair partnership between vendors and their channel partners.

At Mimecast, we’ve always believed in this philosophy, and we’re constantly listening to the partner ecosystem.  So we feel it’s timely to refine our ideas into a code of practice, which we hope starts the debate on general ways of working for the industry as a whole:

  • Customer first: we know that customer retention is good business for us and our partners. We believe we’re responsible for providing the means to ensure this is as high as possible.
  • Ethical ecosystem: partners should respect a customer coming up for renewal from another partner. We propose vendors who poach other partner’s customers should have their margin capped.
  • Reliability and simplicity: we feel that vendors are in the best place to offer customer service and 100% availability, which is why we advocate a low-risk, high-reward arrangement with our partners.
  • Margin and predictable revenue: we believe the margin should remain the same throughout the life-cycle of the customer as it helps partners plan for growth in their business and easier for all parties to understand.
  • New business should be rewarded: in addition to the new revenue, we recognize that genuine new business opportunities take time and resources to secure and should therefore be rewarded in addition to the revenue it represents.

We’re certain that this code of practice will continue to evolve as we actively work to refine it with our partner community. And the first step on this journey is a webcast we’re hosting with UBM Channel this Thursday (8th November) to present this new approach and explore why the partner model is changing quickly and for the better. If you would like to join us, we would love to hear your thoughts! Register for the webcast today!