Gillian Crewdson

Last week we saw two of the most important occasions in our UK channel world – this year’s UK Mimecast Partner Awards and CRN Fight Night 2016. This time, we were proud to sponsor fight night along with other tech brands such as AMD and Trend Micro.

And we were pleased to cheer on our fighter Lenny 'The Lone Wolf' Bowers, who secured a well-earned draw, going the full three rounds. Congratulations to Lenny - all the training and dedication paid off, and I can say, as I was next to the ring, it was a heroic performance.

Softcat won Premier Partner of the Year, recognizing it generated the highest revenue in the last year and demonstrated exemplary dedication to its partnership with Mimecast.
Softcat won Premier Partner of the Year, recognizing it generated the highest revenue in the last year and demonstrated exemplary dedication to its partnership with Mimecast.

The Mimecast Partner Awards were held just before the fight and were equally as exciting. Five winners were announced in total (detailed at the end of this post) and some exclusive material was previewed by Mimecast.

Alan Kenny, GM Europe, and I provided an overview of the UK channel strategy to partners, which includes a new and larger Mimecast team to support partners as well as some partner program updates that will help increase deal conversion and protect partner’s Mimecast customer base.

Also, Alex Bender, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing explained how Mimecast would be positioning our brand this year.

We also lifted the lid on the expanded range of products on offer from Mimecast this year and heard from our CTO, Neil Murray, about the evolution of our technology platform which delivers our services.

The reaction and engagement we get from the Partner Awards always highlight how honored we are to have a large and highly committed partner channel in the UK…thank you to our partners from me and all of the UK team at Mimecast!


Mimecast Partner Awards 2016 Winners

Premier Partner of the Year: Softcat

This is the premier award and recognizes the partner that has generated the highest revenue in the last year and demonstrates exemplary dedication to its partnership with Mimecast.

Growth Partner of the Year: Bytes Software Services

This award goes to the partner that has achieved the highest level of growth.

Champion of the Year: Dean Zachariades, CDW

This goes to the individual within a partner organization who has demonstrated strong support for Mimecast’s technology and is responsible for securing significant customer results.

Customer Excellence Partner of the Year: IT Lab

This is for the partner that has shown unrivaled dedication to customer service excellence.

Technical Services Partner of the Year: Sprout IT

This award recognizes the partner with exemplary levels of technical proficiency and customer assistance on Mimecast’s services.


Mimecast is channel focused and our partners are critical to our achievements as a fast-growth technology company. This is why we were particularly delighted to be named Cloud Specialist Vendor of the Year at last week’s CRN Channel Awards. This recognition follows lots of hard work to support our partners with new services that build on their historic offering and meet the growing requirement for cloud computing – such as our Office 365 Services portfolio.

Mimecast CRN Cloud Specialist Vendor of the Year - Winner

Mimecast’s life began in the cloud, and because of that, we believe our channel programme stands out from other, more traditional, vendors. Many resellers have been concerned about the impact the cloud would have on their businesses. But the reality is that most organizations need a great deal of advice and support to adopt cloud services. Selling complementary cloud products, training or building additional managed services, particularly around security, are great ways to add value and revenue.

We were also highly commended in the Security Vendor of the Year category. As security threats have evolved further over the past 12 months, the UK IT channel increasingly needs to work with vendors who are continuously investing in technology upgrades to protect against new threats. Our Broad Spectrum Email Security for Office 365 offering has created partner opportunities for new value-add services while Targeted Threat Protection now protects enterprises from the growing risk from spear phishing.

We would like to commend our partners who also saw considerable success at the awards:

+ Software Vendor of the Year. Judges Commended: Microsoft UK

+ Managed Services Provider of the Year. Winner: Kelway

+ SMB Reseller of the Year. Winner: Green Fields Technology

+ Mid-Market Reseller of the Year. Judges Commended: Total Computer Networks

+ Enterprise Reseller of the Year. Winner: Bytes

+ Reseller of the Year. Winner: Kelway. Judges Commended: Servium

These awards add to the recognition we had earlier in the year in the CRN Vendor Report where we scored 2nd overall against the top 50 vendors in the UK.

We are proud of what we and our partners have achieved, both in terms of the industry recognition we have enjoyed like last week’s award, but also how we have helped their customers benefit from the cloud.


Hat-trick - n “An outstanding performance by an individual…achieving three points, victories, awards, etc. within a given period.”

For those of you who know me, sporting analogies are not typically a part of my everyday dialect, however there isn't a better word in the English language to describe this extraordinary feat…

I'm truly delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for two CRN Channel Awards this year - Security Vendor of the Year and Storage Vendor of the Year 2013 – giving us the chance to take home the CRN Security crown for not just one, but three years in a row!

Mimecast’s Email Security provides the most comprehensive, cloud-based email risk mitigation available in the market today – and it’s why we gained ‘Visionary’ status in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways 2013.

Additional new services such as Mimecast File Archive and Mimecast Large File Send, make us a really strong contender for the Storage title this year too. It’s a significant milestone in the growth and evolution of Mimecast’s Channel Community and the feelings of excitement and pride are indescribable…I suppose you could say we’ve won the Premier League, and now we’re competing in the Champions League (Doh! Another football analogy…)

All we can do now is wait for the big night. I'm really looking forward to the Awards Ceremony and seeing a lot of our Partners there. Of course we will be rooting for them too!

Follow our progress on 14th November via Twitter @mcpartnerseme – we will of course keep you up to date!


Having read previous blogs you will know that Mimecast had a vested interest in their brave warrior, Dave “The Doctor” Rodger. Having come through the fiercely competitive selection process, Dave then embarked on an arduous journey requiring incredible commitment.

It was a beautiful May evening, A-listers from the UK Channel community gathered in London for one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year – CRN Fight Night. And oh what a night, the glitz and the glamour accompanied by some classic boxing bouts made it an evening that everyone involved would never forget.

The time had come, dinner had been served and drinks had been topped up. You could cut the tension with a scalpel. The Mimecast camp was a veritable mixing bowl of nerves and confidence as it was evident how committed Dave had been throughout the whole process, with a noticeable change in size and strength. 

Suddenly the lights brightened, the music started a quick crescendo, which was soon drowned out by home support as the man of the moment entered the electrically charged atmosphere. His opponent, Jack Bulmer of Centerprise followed swiftly to a slightly more hostile welcome but he had a pocket of Bulmer faithful cheering him on.

Round 1 of 3 started the way many pundits had predicted – with a bang.

'The Doctor' came flying out of his corner not even giving Bulmer time to take a step forward. Home crowd advantage was now incredibly apparent as Rodger rained in the blows to Bulmer one by one for 90 seconds until the ref pulled them apart as Bulmer turned away. Bulmer took the chance for a much needed break from the calculated assault that was being administered. Bulmer took the time to re-plant his feet and start to get a few shots off on Rodger to show that he certainly wasn’t going to be a pushover.

Had the second round gone the way of the first, 'The Doctor' would have had this bout in the bag, but that wasn’t how it was happening. Bulmer had a severe wakeup call in the first round and needed to get back into the battle- continuing his ascent into form throughout the second round showing Rodger that he was going to take this battle to the wire. Rodger was proving he had a chin made of steel taking shots but immediately firing back some impressive counters.

Bulmer had done not just enough to get himself physically back into the fight but also on points he had forced this bout to the third and final round.

The final round would take this entire journey down to the wire. A fantastic spectacle and an amazing example of what boxing is all about. Both men giving their all for their companies and fans as victory hinged on one or two plum punches. “Super Dave, Super Dave, Super Davey Rodger!” could be heard bellowing from the crowd.

Punches were being landed by both men as Rodger would force Bulmer into the corner forcing him to turn away as the blows were executed. Bulmer would come back strong and test Rodger’s defensive capabilities. As the fight approached the final 30 seconds, it was Bulmer who started to look tired. Rodger was quick to capitalise and realised he could win it from there.

With absolute determination he pounced on Bulmer in the dying seconds and landed what at that point could have been the crucial punches.

With both men sluggishly walking back to their corners it was clear that they had given the fight everything they had. It was now down to the referee to make a decision I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to make. Dave “The Doctor” Rodger had earned his place in Mimecast history by becoming victorious on points; a popular verdict with the crowd.

Full of pride he was quick to turn the attention to the people who had helped him on his journey. “I’d like to thank my training team who have been amazing throughout this process.” said Rodger, a black eye already forming from the combat. “Not only were they incredible before but they kept me cool during the fight and I was able to keep my head and get the job done, the support from Mimecast has been incredible.”Enjoy your well earned holiday Dave- we're incredibly proud of you.