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Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 winner’s photo, left-to-right: Malcolm Tinkler, Mimecast; Matthew Helling, Softcat; Paul Treacy, IT Lab; Nessa Lynchehaun, Mimecast and Pat Foyle, Kelway.

Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 winner’s photo, left-to-right: Ernesto Broersma, IT Lab; Nessa Lynchehaun, Mimecast; Ben Konopinksi, Koncise; Adam Thornton, Bytes Software Services; Ollie Downs, Softcat; Steve Timothy, EACS and Brian Emmerson, EACS.

Last week saw two of the biggest events in our UK channel world - 2014 CRN Fight Night and the Mimecast Partner Awards 2014. Although our Mimecast contender Sam ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ Oliver didn’t prevail in his fight I can say, as I was next to the ring, it was a heroic performance.

The Mimecast Partner Awards, was held just before Fight Night and was equally as exciting. Six winners were announced in total (detailed at the end of this post) and some exclusive material was previewed by Mimecast.

Mimecasters introduced the new UK channel strategy to partners, which includes a new and larger Mimecast team to support partners drive a deeper engagement with customers. In addition, Gillian Crewdson, Channel Director teased the audience with a sneak preview of our impressive position in the upcoming CRN Vendor Report 2014 report. More to come on that when CRN launch it…

We also lifted the lid on the expanded range of products on offer from Mimecast this year and heard from our CTO, Neil Murray, about the evolution of our technology platform which delivers our services.

The feedback and participation we get from the Partner Awards always highlights how privileged we are to have a large and highly committed partner channel in the UK…I can’t wait to see who wins next year.


Mimecast Partner Awards 2014 Winners

Premier Partner of the Year: Softcat Limited

This is the premier award and recognizes the partner that has generated the highest revenue in the last year and demonstrates exemplary dedication to its partnership with Mimecast.

Growth Partner of the Year: Bytes Software Services

This award goes to the partner that has achieved the highest level of growth.

Champion Partner of the Year: EACS Limited

This is for the organization that is leading in raising Mimecast’s profile within its business and customer base.

Champion of the Year: Pat Foyle, Kelway Ltd

This goes to the individual within a partner organization who has demonstrated strong support for Mimecast’s technology and is responsible for securing significant customer results.

Customer Excellence Partner of the Year: Koncise Solutions Limited

This is for the partner that has shown unrivalled dedication to customer service excellence.

Technical Services Partner of the Year: IT Lab Limited

This award recognizes the partner with exemplary levels of technical proficiency and customer assistance on Mimecast’s services.


After months of training, sweat, tears, blood, protein shakes and ill-fitting gym shorts it’s nearly here. Sam ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ Oliver is hours from stepping into the ring to represent Mimecast at the 2014 CRN Fight Night tonight in London. So how’s Sam shaping up?

When I last interviewed Sam, he was at the beginning of his training, so I expected things to be different this time.

I caught up with Sam as he was on the way out of his latest training session with Phil from The Fit Scene. At first I didn’t recognize him. No longer was Sam buried in a massive cuddly overcoat of pink flesh…he looked like the toned and ruggedly handsome younger brother of the Sam Oliver I once knew.

Sam in his latest training session with Phil from The Fit Scene…double hard.

Sadly, it seems that good looks alone aren't enough to guaranteed victory at CRN Fight Night, but as Sam’s victory will likely trigger a rush from international fashion brands to sign him up to endorse their products, it can’t hurt right?

The support of the international fashion houses, the public and Mimecast are assured, but we’re very conscious that this is a channel event so partners will be key to creating an electric atmosphere for Sam to feed off.

Which is why the timing couldn't be better for our Partner Advisory and Awards event – it’s just before the fight. The awards feature guest speakers from Mimecast such as Neil Murray, our CTO, who'll be presenting a high level preview of Mimecast’s integration with Office 365, Malcolm Tinkler, General Manager, introducing the UK leadership team and Gillian Crewdson, our new Channel Director, revealing some interesting research results which have yet to be published.

It promises to be an ideal way to prepare for the evening’s entertainment – we look forward to seeing our partners there to cheer Sam to victory.


For weeks, Mimecast’s 2014 CRN Fight Night fighter, Sam ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ Oliver has teased the channel world. Less than an hour after CRN announced the Fight Night 2014 opponents, he was overheard at a Mimecast Partner Education Day saying that his winning training regime had begun; his secret formula, however, remained a mystery.

Six protein shakes in one day is generally a bad idea.

Finally, the Baby-faced Assassin announced via Twitter that he’s receiving exclusive training from one of London’s most comprehensive health and fitness centers, The CityPoint Club. I managed to catch up with our fighter post-workout, whilst sipping his fifth protein shake of the day – ‘People look at me differently already, they can smell the essence of victory’. When asked whether there was a chance of overconfidence, Oliver snorted ‘Look…Bruce Lee was an artist and, like him, I try to go beyond the fundamentals of my sport. I want the public to see a knockout in the making.’ Not being able to remember another famous quote from Sugar Ray Leonard, Oliver strutted to the drinks trolley to collect his sixth protein shake of the day.

I’m pleased Oliver has his game face on and likes protein shakes. In addition to the personal glory, he has a Mimecast score to settle; boxing fans may recall Mimecast’s Dave 'The Conqueror' Cattermole was stopped last year. Whilst quietly confident Dave let the other guy win, it hurts to know Mimecast suffered a theoretical defeat. My pain, however, quickly turns into nervous tension as I watch Sam Oliver’s massive frame now jostling at the gym bar for his five-meat sandwich.

Stand aside gym bar staff, I’ll make this one myself…I’ve just invented the six-meat sandwich and it’s for the guy that’s carrying the dreams of team Mimecast in May. Good luck Sam Oliver…we salute you.

Mimecast will go head-to-head in the boxing ring against Symantec at CRN Fight Night on Thursday 22nd May 2014. For all the latest on Sam ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ Oliver’s progress, keep visiting our blog. Alternatively, you can follow Oliver’s antics on Twitter