JP Blaho

by JP Blaho

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Posted Dec 07, 2017

Breaking down 4 major concerns

I often struggle with the idea of completing an ROI calculator, especially towards the beginning of my purchase journey. Often, I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a purchase, and if I am, I’m not sure if I have properly narrowed the scope of purchasing research. Then, when considering a tool like an ROI calculator, I’m often wary of the results.

So, when we ventured into developing an ROI calculator for our Mimecast Cloud Archive solution, I brought these concerns into the early stages of development. Here are how these concerns were addressed:

Concern #1

Designed for the early stage: The purpose of this tool is to help you understand the different options available in the market, but also to help you narrow the scope of your search. When starting any purchase journey online, the options and solutions you will find, are many…and varied. Using the ROI Calculator should assist you defining the one, two or three solutions to consider.

Concern #2

Optimized to engage: There are a lot of ROI calculators out there. Some of them are extremely detailed.  If you are at a point where you’re between a couple solutions, then those tools can help with your decision making. We designed our tool to help identify the key indicators needed for assessing the types of solutions needed prior to performing a solution comparison.

Concern # 3

Formatted to set a benchmark: The results are what matter here. We want to empower you along your buying journey with information that you can use for considering and performing your research. By completing the questions associated with our calculator, you get a core set of pricing and savings information that can help you set a baseline.

Concern # 4

Developed by a third party: Most important, we partnered with Enterprise Management Associates© to ensure that bias was removed from the tool, and you would not be influenced by making a comparison between completely different offerings. Nor would we be able to “stack the cards in our favor.” Having an outside organization develop the tool increases confidence in the results.

If you’re considering an email archive solution, or just exploring options beyond what you already have, our ROI Calculator for Mimecast Cloud Archive may be the right tool for you.

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JP Blaho

by JP Blaho

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Posted Dec 07, 2017

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