How to Deal with Regulatory Compliance

This week, I will be attending the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin, Texas. Myself, and fellow Mimecast team members, will be meeting with a host of Exchange administrators, IT directors, managers, visionaries and all-round email-savvy individuals.

Plus, on Tuesday morning, Microsoft Exchange MVP, J. Peter Bruzzese, will deliver a session exploring the topic of regulatory compliance, and options and tools available to help administrators enhance their Exchange 2013 and Office 365 environments. I have had the pleasure of co-presenting at past events with J. Peter on this very subject and I guarantee it will be entertaining and informative – just think back to how you first used email and more importantly, what you sent.

Join Mimecast and J. Peter Bruzzese this week at the Microsoft Exchange Conference.

During the session, J. Peter will explore regulatory compliance issues dating back to when email was first being deployed. Back then, regulations simply did not exist for Exchange admins, so there was no conflict. The biggest problem we faced was disk space and we used strict quotas to address that issue. But the IT world changed in the early 2000’s when Enron and other scandals broke; not to mention an uptick in legal cases that relied on email evidence, lines being crossed with insider trading, and other breeches that caused governments around the globe to focus hugely on corporate messaging and e-discovery. With this shift, regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, the Patriot Act, and HIPPA became commonplace in the world of the Exchange admin. This is when we saw the beginning of the regulatory compliance nightmare that admins face every day.

Over time, some admins have decided to fall back on corporate policies that retain very little email data (15, 30, 60 day retention), while others see the risk in doing so – or they do not have the legal flexibility to curtail regulatory compliance standards.

For those admins who have decided to – or simply have to – enforce regulatory compliance policies, they often rely on the built-in tools that Exchange and Office 365 provide. J. Peter’s session will review these tools, including In-Place Archiving, In-Place e-Discovery and In-Place Hold, as well as retention policies, transport rules and more. In addition, he will discuss third-party tools, such as Mimecast, that can truly help admins remain compliant, but ease the management burden, plus give end users complete controlled access to their email archive from any device.

We hope to see you at J. Peter’s session: “Eliminate the Regulatory Compliance Nightmare” which is happening on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. And don’t forget to visit us at booth 105. Ask for me - we can swap email stories and I may just give you a copy of J. Peter’s new book: “Conversational Exchange in 10 Days.” This is a fun and conceptual primer for newbies to the world of Exchange. If I’m not there – tell them I sent you.