Getting Together with Our UK Customers to Talk Microsoft Exchange 2013

Over the past two days, 55 of our technical customers in the UK, joined us to find out more about Exchange 2013. We organized this with friends of ours that wrote a new book called 'Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: Design, Deploy, and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution',Nathan Winters and Nicholas Blank. They were joined by other expert speakers Brian Reid and Carl Holt.

We put this event on for our customers as part of our commitment to help them best exploit their messaging environment. We also have established a private community for Sys Admin customers on LinkedIn where we will share content including video content after the event.

Over the two days we dived deep into the technical detail of Exchange. In day 1 we looked at mailbox and client access Exchange architectures, load balancing and publishing, and, most importantly, designing Exchange. Day 2 was hybrid deployments, High Availability and Site Resilience, and finally migration to Exchange 2013.

This event has been extremely well received with many of the attendees being able to use the last two days as an opportunity to rapidly skill up in preparation for pending upgrades!

So check back on our blog over the coming week for highlights from the discussions. Or join our LinkedIn community if you are a technical customer.