UK’s Minister of State for Skills & Enterprise, Matthew Hancock, Visits Mimecast Boston

Today we welcomed some very important guests from the UK Government to our Boston office. Peter Campbell (CFO), Mark Bilbe (GM, North America) and I met with Matthew Hancock MP, Minister of State for Skills & Enterprise, as well as other representatives of the government including Consul General Susie Kitchens from the British Consulate in Boston.

It was an honor to have them come and see us during their visit to Boston. We had a very informative and productive meeting. We briefed them in detail on Mimecast and our growth story. We also talked extensively about our experiences bringing our business to the U.S. We shared the lessons we have learned that we feel other British businesses, considering the U.S. as an export market, should know.

We are a proud British company and exporter of technology. The UK technology market has come a long way in the ten years we have been in business. A lot has been done by the UK Government and others to build, promote and grow technology education, skills and the commercial sector. There is a lot of talk and excitement in the UK, and now in the U.S. too, about the quality of ideas and firms coming out of the country. The pipeline of businesses across a wide range of internet, business, entertainment and media sectors is inspiring. It is no coincidence that many international investors and technology incubators are also investing heavily in the UK.

The future is looking considerably brighter than it did, even ten years ago when we founded Mimecast.

But to fulfill its real potential, these businesses need to continue innovating, growing, securing significant investment and then expand quickly internationally to turn themselves from domestic success stories into global leaders. All too often we have seen a lack of ambition or long term vision put the brakes on some of our more promising technology firms – they have run out of capital or sold up to established foreign businesses just when things have started to get interesting.

For this reason, we talked with our visitors about the importance of doing more to support and promote these mature businesses entering this critical next phase that decides if they are around for 15-20 years and not just five. They may have stopped being the shiny new start-up we hear so much about out of London’s Tech City or elsewhere, but they have matured to a point where they can make significant economic and employment impact.

We like to think Mimecast has played its part in blazing a trail for these new British technology firms. We had our tenth birthday this year. In that time we have grown significantly at home in the UK and now internationally. Our U.S. business in particular, has seen impressive growth since Mark moved from London back in 2008 to build our business here. I then joined him in 2011. We have expanded quickly from our HQ in Boston, opening offices now in Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.

We are bringing cloud and software innovation, made in Britain, to arguably the world’s largest and most inventive technology market. We were proud to share the story of how far Mimecast has come, but there is plenty more opportunity and work for us to do.